The Grand Heist

The Grand Heist

The story takes place in the late 18th century of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), during the last years of King Yeongjo’s reign. Ice is a commodity more valuable than gold. Blocks of it are harvested from frozen rivers in winter, put in royal storage and distributed or sold throughout the year for general consumption. When corrupt officials conspire to form a monopoly and fix its price, a gang of 11 professionals is formed to stop the scheme — and to do that they must make all the royal ice blocks in five storage rooms disappear for a night.

In late 18th century ice is a commodity more valuable than gold. When corrupt officials conspire to form a monopoly and fix its price, a gang of 11 professionals is formed to steal all the royal ice blocks in five storage for a night . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Grand Heist torrent reviews

bong s (mx) wrote: its a movie filipino and foreign actors - must watch

Roy C (jp) wrote: Believe who you will. Nothing says creepy like accommodating kidnappers, getting stalked in the shower by wolves, and a demonic child whose every line sounds like a plea for rape. 'No, not Jesus.'

Alex F (nl) wrote: Average comedy. I quite liked the natural acting and the dialogues. It was just like being in Mexico.

Bheema D (br) wrote: It successfully captures the nostalgic style of a time and place long gone, but unlike another certain movie titled after one of America's greatest cultural centers, this movie is not the fantasy of the director; in fact, it has quite a lot on its mind to say.

Jessica H (jp) wrote: The historical content is laughable in a sarcastic smile while there are funny scenes if you don't take this film serious.

Ted W (es) wrote: I don't think this deserves the bad press it gets. Yes, it's Cage in manic phase and the mystery is pretty obvious from the get go, but the set up is amazingly filmed and the opening shot is worthy of an Orson Welles. The women in the story are merely damsels in distress (DePalma doesn't do well with strong women) but I found myself interested in how this tale was told.

Camille L (ag) wrote: On peut sentir toute la bonne volont de Ron Howard dans ce portrait d'un t dans une famille nombreuse, avec moult rebondissements et embranchements gnalogiques, mais force est de constater que le film ne parvient jamais surpasser son excellente ouverture. Steve Martin, Keanu Reeves et Jason Robards ont beau tre excellents, ce sont les personnages fminins qui pchent un peu. De plus, le film se termine bien aprs le quart d'heure de bienvenue et mis part les aventures de Cowboy Dan, il n'y a plus grand-chose de passionnant pass les 90 minutes.

Alejandro E (kr) wrote: Fortunate parody-tribute for master of suspense.You will pee in your pants of laughing.

Jasmine R (mx) wrote: crazy but I watched all of it...the ending is scary

Katie B (kr) wrote: This was a pretty good action/suspense movie. It really kept me guessing until the end. The concept was also pretty awesome and well executed.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: Twohy does a great job (mainly in the first hour) to slowly build an absorbing mystery in this claustrophobic mix of horror and war movie (like Das Boot meets The Shining), even if later on it is weakened by stupid plot holes and a silly attempt to sound profound in the end.