The Grandmother

The Grandmother

A young boy plants some strange seeds and they grow into a grandmother.

A young boy plants some strange seeds and they grow into a grandmother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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D Jey M (mx) wrote: great animation quality^^* cool 1/4?

Davey M (ru) wrote: Flaherty's love for the exotic and the adventurous is the perfect match for Murnau's view of nature as something both romantic and ferocious. Murnau is as great a storyteller and as great a visualist as any film director who ever lived; his untimely death after "Tabu"s completion is a tragedy. As it is, this isn't the best work from either Murnau or Flaherty, but it's certainly an unmissable film.

Private U (ag) wrote: This is how to make boys Into MEN.

Steve D (fr) wrote: Forgettable teen comedy that has its moments but not enough to make it memorable

Brandy R (au) wrote: Patrick Swayze is my favorite actor of all times and I would watch it just because he is in it and that it looks like a good movie

Nate K (ca) wrote: Very suspenseful. Single set used in the whole film, lots of dialogue, and a pretty good cast. It was a thrilling way to spend 104 minutes!

Casey P (br) wrote: hilarious - underrated- stern is a genius

Patrick L (es) wrote: A great film about a teacher who, against all the odds, manages to make a difference in a troubled school of troubled students and bonds with them in the process. Olmos is a stand out as the teacher and there are a number of the students who are memorable including that played by Lou Diamond Phillips. 10/10

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Fred V (br) wrote: While it had some interesting ideas, the fleshing out of those ideas were so terribly paced that I found myself disinterested.

James F (au) wrote: Good but why is the DVDs so rare that I have to go buy this on sumo gorilla?

Steve S (ru) wrote: An early film by director George Stevens. it features Katharine Hepburn at her most innocent and charming. She is the best reason to watch it, and it does have something to say about people's perception of themselves in society. It looks a little awkward today,but it still is a worthy classic.

Craig M (nl) wrote: This represents everything wrong with Hollywood. Women's acting constitutes ridiculous poses, preening and arching for the male gaze. The "femme fatale" tries on underwear multiple times and is kiss-raped by the "protagonist" stalker-voyeur. Lest that be the end of it, hooker porn star Melanie Griffith arrives to remind us that women are good for showing their tits, grabbing crotches and reaching orgasm. The idea that this was ever "serious" is insane and should only be viewed as Midnight Movie fare.

Scott S (gb) wrote: Ray Allen's jump shot? A 10. Ray Allen's acting? A 4. Like okay bro you're good at basketball.

Keith G (jp) wrote: Why are decrepit old fart reviewers allowed near old classics? Never mind ... that's kind of the gist of the collective toss pots who review for RT