The Grapes of Death

The Grapes of Death

A young woman discovers that the pesticide being sprayed on vineyards is turning people into killer zombies.

A young woman discovers that the pesticide being sprayed on vineyards is turning people into killer zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riff J (ca) wrote: Found it to be very funny and definitely an ode to found footage horrors (even tho it isnt bc its just another Wayans spoof).

Amreen G (us) wrote: cute movie.... cute characters, typical story, characters and performances make the movie worth a watch... good songs.. and perfect length.. cinte, screenplay is good..

Diego Martn (mx) wrote: La verdad muy buena pelicula,mas que interesante,por momentos se vuelve algo lenta.pero esta buena!!

Rangan R (au) wrote: In the 17th England, a ruthless warrior set to rediscover his path.There's no reason, but after a long due I saw this. I'm pretty impressed with the film's production, but in the end it was an average film for me. James Purefoy was good, but the story needed someone very husky looking actor to play the Solomon. That's what spoiled my watch, other than that I enjoyed most of the film. Because the tone and the pace were excellent, but it was a predictable story.A savage warrior leading his men somewhere in the Northern Africa, when he's sensing he almost defeated them, comes to know his soul is damned. He escapes there, leaves his all that life behind and looks for a peaceful future. He was born to be a warrior, that's why he left his own kingdom. So in his second chance to rediscover his path, he must achieve the impossible to defeat his opponent.Full of dark and wet atmosphere really gives that required medieval look. The locations were well used and also the costumes, so if you like films that sets in this era, particularly stunts, then you might enjoy it. But if you ask me, I would say it is just a one time watchable film. Entertainment is guaranteed, but because of something, the film does not not look complete. So recommended for the selected viewers.6/10

Alex r (it) wrote: Fairly entertaining action thriller, Killshot boasts a varied cast of talented names and an entertaining story. But it has been done before, and better, however this is enjoyable viewing if you enjoy a tense, thriller that is entertaining, even if it doesn't add anything new to the genre. Killshot is not great, but I enjoyed it for what it is, an hour and a half thrills and with a good enough story to keep you entertained, it's worth seeing if you're interested in the genre. What makes the film interesting is the cat and mouse game being played throughout the film. Mickey Rourke is perfect for the part, and he does play a good on-screen villain. Even if the film doesn't break new ground, Killshot still is worth seeing due to the good cast, story and direction. The film delivers something memorable, and it's a movie that is edge of your seat thrills from start to finish. Even if it's not a perfect movie, it's one that manages to grab your attention because its cast deliver some effective performances that more than make up for its imperfections. Even if it's a film that uses familiar ideas from different films, Killshot manages to be a worthy viewing because there are some terrific talent within the film. Killshot is a good affair and like I said, there are plenty of memorable performances, especially Rourke who in the last few years has really made some fine movies. If you're looking for a worthwhile thriller, Killshot is worth seeing if you're in the mood for thrilling entertainment. The film may not be perfect, but it has enough moments to make it worth seeing and with a cast like this, it's a film that overcomes its flaws, and makes something that we've seen before into a film that nonetheless is exciting despite the fact it's a film that has been done before.

Anders A (nl) wrote: One man power house, nothing in between. Dick Proenneke resides down in the utter wilderness of Alaska, capturing glimpse of it, while making a home and living basically straight out of nature, with simple selfmade of self adjusted tools. An enourmous knowledge about nature, survival and carpenting are being presented in a naturally and enjoyable state. This short piece documentary, is filled with pure joy and calm, as we see Dick enjoying life in the fullest of nature.

Jarmo K (ca) wrote: Tata kliseisempaa hahmokaartia ei ole ennen nahty edes Seagalin leffoissa. Stevenkaan ei totutun ilmeikkaassa roolissaan ole tippaakaan symppis.

Peaches (fr) wrote: this movie was good i loved it

Allan C (au) wrote: Strange but absolutely intriguing tale about Geraldine Page hiring companions, but killing them off for their money. The always great Ruth Gordon plays here latest companion for this very twisted and suspenseful film. Robert Aldrich produced this oddball thriller, and the film does share the same dark humor as his influential "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" along with the superficial similarities of the title and a thriller involving two older women isolated in a house. It's a fairly cheap production, but the performances by Page and Gordon, along with a script that's not afraid to gleefully dip into over-the-top craziness make it well worth watching. Definitely a fun and unique thriller, though probably not for all tastes.

Dustin D (ru) wrote: This movie about doomed outlaws set a new bar for violence in American films.

Lee Anne W (mx) wrote: Everything you think is funny started here.