The Great Alibi

The Great Alibi

Like every weekend senator Henri Pagès and his wife entertain guests at their beautiful mansion in a peaceful village near Paris. But this time around, things go awry: Pierre Collier, a psychoanalyst and consummate womanizer, is brutally murdered. Claire, his wife, dazed and confused by his corpse, with a smoking gun still in her hand, seems to be the ideal culprit...

A psychoanalyst and consummate womanizer is brutally shot while his wife is standing over him with a revolver in her hand. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (ru) wrote: Set completely in a British prison, this is a very good film. The story is good but the performances are very impressive.

Simon P (us) wrote: The usual calm start from Takashi Miike builds and then bursts into a relentless and joyously violent finale.

Simon W (ag) wrote: Soppy drama. No sci-fi at all. Obnoxiously tries too hard to be a metaphor for love/faith whatever.

CJ C (ag) wrote: I read "The Carnal Prayer Mat" in jr. high school, such a hoot.

Phillip O (ca) wrote: Even though I nodded off twice (I had gotten up pretty early that morning), I did see the majority of the film, laughed fairly heartily, and actually would love to see it in a Surround Sound setting.

Paul C (kr) wrote: Some of the worse acting I have ever seen. The story line was just stupid. This is one of those movies you watch and say, "why would they even waste the money to make this"

Adam F (de) wrote: "Foolproof" is a decent thriller with some clever heist elements and enough twists and turns to keep you entertained. Our heroes are Kevin (Ryan Reynolds, always charming), Sam (Kristin Booth) and Rob (Joris Jarsky). You've heard of fantasy football and LARPing? Well these three have their own game, fantasy pilfering. They research, plan out and theoretically carry out complicated plans to infiltrate and burgle different buildings. They don't actually steal anything, or even intend to. It's just the thrill of it all. When a criminal (David Suchet) blackmails the trio, he forces them to put together a plan to lift $20 million... and actually carry it out.What's interesting about the picture is that it isn't as simple as going in and sneaking by the guards, hacking the passwords and getting out without being seen. The heist has numerous complex parts (spread over several break-ins) and it's a lot of fun to see the protagonists set themselves up for later dates by gathering information and stealing crucial components that will only be required for the big night. I also think that the initial setup is quite good. It might be hard to cheer for someone who makes their living by lifting money from other people, but these guys are just having a good time and you admire them for having the intelligence and skill to come up with these elaborate strategies. There are some betrayals that keep the story interesting and all of the how-to stuff feels credible. That's a big plus.On the negative side, the villain isn't terribly interesting and it seems like he takes the job a bit too personally for a criminal mastermind. It seems unlikely for example that he would help in the actual heist in case something went wrong. Nevertheless he gets the job done. Some elements of comedy or forced romance stick out as too Hollywood-y, like an awkward scene of phone sex that don't really fit well into the movie."Foolproof" is an enjoyable watch with some innovative moments. I also have to give the production credit. For a low-budget Canadian film, this looks terrific. (On DVD, February 18, 2013)

Monique H (au) wrote: interesting,different and slow

Bloodmarsh K (au) wrote: While 'Terms of Endearment' focused on actually having a plot, and character development, 'My Life' is a senseless sappy tearjerker. It's the worst kind of tearjerker - it's the kind that focuses its entire run time trying to accomplish that one goal. Well, the only tears that came to my eyes, were tears of joy, when the movie came to an end, after about 2 hours of Michael Keaton whining over something that happened when he was a child.

Cj O (au) wrote: I wouldn't recommend this movie at all. It can't even please stoners let alone clean guys like me. It might've been well directed, but it's weird content may leave you uneasy.

Mitchell Z (ag) wrote: A huge step up from Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only attempts to bring back elements from the 60s films in order to shoot realistic life back into the franchise. The film offers some great action pieces and a good story to complement a fine turn from Moore in his fifth outing.

Senor C (nl) wrote: Reynolds is an ex CIA hitman who is running from his past & this actually could have been an 80s version of The Mechanic but instead Burt helps out a family that are being threatened by developers ALA Shane. Burt wasn't making very good movies by the late 80s but Malone is probably one on his better ones as he speaks softly & carries a big gun. Sorta outlandish as Reynolds takes a shot that looks like it blows out his kidney but somehow he recovers to finish the kill everybody & blow the shit out of everything. You could do worse from a late 80s actioner & it has Tracey Walter in it (Miller from Repo Man) which adds points in my book

Liam M (ag) wrote: This is where Corman should have ended up instead of...urgh, Sharktopus.

Joey F (nl) wrote: A very well executed parody movie that tries very hard to cram a moral down your throat for some reason. As a result, it had a very lame, and not very interesting ending. The first two acts are well worth it though.

Greg W (it) wrote: good n funny nice 2C Guzman finally playing the lead in a movie!!!! also this is my 14100th review just love round numbers.