The Great Beauty

The Great Beauty

Jep Gambardella has seduced his way through the lavish nightlife of Rome for decades, but after his 65th birthday and a shock from the past, Jep looks past the nightclubs and parties to find a timeless landscape of absurd, exquisite beauty.

Jep Gambardella, who once wrote a famous novel in his twenties, only to retire into a comfortable life writing cultural columns and throwing parties in Rome. After his 65th birthday party, he walks through the ruins and city streets, encountering the various characters, bitterly recollecting his passionate youth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blke W (mx) wrote: Now this, this is a movie more to my liking (high hopes). In fair continuity with the stories of the aruthorian myths, the nights of the round table are needed once more, for a new threat overcomes Camelot. Only now Camelot almost in ruin and all but Merlin are next generation guys. Kinda good angle to see, as so do I feel as the generation befor, a life time away from when this fantasy relm enchanted me as no other rewritten many times. Hammie enough for the seriousness is aplenty and with villainous evil in a strong position, the group must gather and re-gather to dis-spell all opposition upon their quest.

Krishnakumary K (ag) wrote: 5 stars.....excellent performance by mahesh babu and trisha....good story line...scenes between mahesh babu n trisha very cute n funny

Jerome P (kr) wrote: The old school reviews are mixed, at best. The critiques of some copycat filmmaking do look legit, however, it's well-done. And shot-styles are lifted all the time. It doesn't bother me generally, unless there's too much lifting. This one gets close to that line. The performances are pretty good. The story of Jung is fascinating and fairly well told.

Bradley R (us) wrote: a great comedy. makes fir a good cuddle up on the sofa night with some wine and a loved one. a bonus is the soundtrack which is brilliant on it's own and something a droned of mine has listened to for years.

Eric P (ag) wrote: Fell asleep part way through. It was dull and painful to watch. The cynicism of Murray in Scrooged doesn't suite him, or the movie for that matter. There were a couple laughs, but it was mostly dry and fell flat.

Jenna I (es) wrote: I'm torn because on one hand I LOVE certain parts of this. The story about the hawks I first heard at her art show dedicated to her dog in the bardo and it made me cry. If this entire movie had been an hour long radio special I would have adored it. But visually it's really boring when she doesn't have clips of her actual dog or photos of her art going. Too much rain filters over bokeh lights for my taste. But there's good stuff in here and I appreciated it. All in all, inconsistent but good.

Will W (jp) wrote: One of Chow Yun Fat's best. You can watch this over and over again and it never gets old...

Philip J (br) wrote: Still holds all that raw power over people even 40 plus years after it was unleashed to unsuspecting audiences in theaters everywhere. Because it's real and it's authentic. The ultimate conflicts of man vs. man, man vs. nature, and man vs. himself.

Hindnbrg E (es) wrote: Listen closely to the audio of Michael Tolkin??s 1991 directorial debut and you can hear a strange, almost prophetic sound within the audio track. They are not of seven golden trumpets being blown but of two large thuds penetrating and crashing through a porcelain dish. This sound is unquestionably that of Kirk Cameron and James Lalonde shitting bricks. Although the special effects are equally as lame I would say that ??The Rapture?? is the complete polar opposite of the ??Left Behind?? films. I say ??would say?? because I only watched about 5 minutes of one of the ??Left Behind?? films and it had something to do with Jake Busey??s teeth devouring his head. But I??m going to assume that they??re shit anyways because I??m a hateful, bigoted person and I??m unwilling to accept any other view of the world except for my own. With that said, Michael Tolkin??s ??The Rapture?? has rightfully earned its place on my shelf of other illegally duplicated Jesus Is Lord films like ??Bad Lieutenant,?? ??The Sacrifice,?? ??The Decalogue,?? ??Strange Cargo,?? ??Last Temptation of Christ,?? ??The Ninth Configuration?? and all the other religious movies that you??ll never see on EWTN because all the Kool Kristian Kids disapprove (or they don??t have enough funds for the screening rights). ??The Rapture?? is the story of Sharon (Mimi Rogers), a sinful hedonistic woman who, when not working her day job as switchboard operator, runs around town spreading her legs and doing other sinful things with her guido bohunk swinger boyfriend. They have crazy sex parties with greasy strangers and eat beef tacos on Fridays without a care in the world. But alas, something is still amiss in our protagonist??s life. But all that changes one day when she overhears a conversation from some coworkers regarding Jesus?? soon return. Indigo children have shown up all over the country, warning followers of Jesus that these are the last days and that the Anti-Christ is already beginning to take form; it won??t be long before Christ returns for the great tribulation. Those that are chosen are having visions of ??the pearl.?? Rogers?? character just so happened to find the pearl tattooed on a hooker??s back. This becomes the catalyst that convinces her to finally end her wicked ways and trade in her deviant lifestyle for the teachings of the Lord in hopes of finding eternal salvation. In the process of doing this she converts David Duchovny, marries him, and coerces him to make the greatest sacrifice of all: cut off his fabulous 1991 mullet. Once he does this his life changes for the better. After finding Christ and cleaning up his treacherous ways he finds himself of the CEO of BigTime Companies Incorporated (or something like that) and begins to live for Jesus, fully enjoying each beautiful day on Earth that the Lord has granted him.That is until he gets a round of buckshot to the chest from a disgruntled employee.But fret not. Mimi Rogers?? character becomes ecstatic over this. ??Daddy was chosen by God,?? she happily informs her 8 year old daughter. It is not longer after this that she becomes convinced that the last of the last days are truly here. All the prophecies have been fulfilled and all that is left is for the great rapture before the end of time and the battle of Armageddon commences. She packs up limited belongings; little clothes because God will clothe them; little food because God will bring a feast for them; and moves out to the desert to wait for the blowing of the seven trumpets to signify the rapture. She waits a day, then another day, then another. A week goes by, a month. A car alarm goes off from a nearby camper; she quickly rushes to the peak of a hillside only to find the disheartening truth. She grows weak, tired, and restless but she never gives up hope that it is all going to happen ??very soon.?? She befriends an unsaved park ranger who informs her that she can only stay at that particular campsite for two weeks tops, but he comes sympathetic to her cause ?? even if he doesn??t believe it himself ?? and allows her to wait it out ?? whatever it is she is actually waiting for. As the weeks and days dwindle she begins to grow more frustrated. With the world in the shape that it is in why has God forsaken her? Why is he allowing her to stay on this horrible Earth and keeping her, and others like her, out of the kingdom of Heaven? She believes she has been saved and demands her way into the pearly gates. Her child starts begging that she ??wants to be with daddy now.?? She interprets these words as a sign from God. In order to fulfill God??s way she has no choice but to make a sacrifice, much like the one that Abraham would have made all those years ago if God and the Punk??d crew didn??t show up at the last minute to reveal that they were just fucking with him and that everything was cool. She has to assist God in bringing her child to Heaven before herself. With the aide of a revolver she obliges. Soon after she goes into full freak-out mode. She gets in her car, drives out of the desert at 100 miles per hour in hopes that she??ll ??accidentally?? swerve off the road into a lake or get hit by a big mac truck that is selfishly driving on the right side of the road and not looking out for the over zealous nutcases trying to collide with them. Fortunately Officer Friendly intervenes. She breaks down and confesses to blowing her kids?? brains out. ??I would have killed myself too,?? she explains through a veil of tears ??but you can??t get into Heaven if you kill yourself.?? And it is at this point when the movie really starts to get interesting. While in a holding cell her opinions slowly change. She becomes distraught and angry and begins to question her faith and conviction?. And all of this couldn??t have come at a worse time for Sharon because now strange things start to go down on planet Earth. The four horsemen of the apocalypse have already come. They??re in the desert spreading the seedlings of pestilence, war, famine, and all other fun things throughout the Earth. The bars on the jail cells begin to corrode and fall apart. Loud blaring horns are sounded. And worst of all Monday Night Football gets cancelled due to Angelic Video Pirates taking over the airwaves? and they??re not even the funny like the Max Headroom pirate either!.. Yes, the rapture is happening. People from all over the world are questioning their faiths. In this time Atheists become converted; everyone starts to follow Jesus. The seventh and final horn is about to be sounded; all those that repent will be saved, all those that don??t will be left behind. In this great tribulation Sharon is not alone in the questioning of her faith in God. It becomes all too real that he exists and that the bible is not a work of fiction but what does it matter? In her eyes God has asked everything of her and she willfully obliged, giving her life to him and still He wants more. She??s already proved herself, lived her life through him, destroyed herself for him, and yet he still asks for her to bow down for him. In the end, as everyone is repenting and getting sucked up into the sky like dustmites at the basin of a Oreck vacuum, with her daughter standing feet away from her pleading for her to repent she refuses. Realizing that His grand plan is a barrage of cruelty and literal mindfucks she quietly tells the Big Cheese go suck a dick. Sharon accepts that by refusing to bow down she??ll be cast down into the shadows for all eternity, never knowing his true love. So be it. ??The Rapture?? has been accused of being blasphemous Anti-God propaganda from one faction while being pretentious Christian propaganda from another. Both are probably true. While ??The Rapture?? paints a portrait of a cruel, non-understanding, ego-saturated God (i.e. The Book of Revelations) it also takes further scrutiny of human stupidity. Sharon may be right about God, but she is not necessarily the innocent pawn she believes herself to be. God never asked her to kill her child; she interpreted that he did. God never asked her to move out to the desert and live in wandering bewilderment like Moses; she interpreted that he did. If anything ??The Rapture?? is a look at what happens when someone scrutinizes writings way too closely and begins to only accept pure literalism. When I was in CCD (Catholic Kidz Night School for you not hip to the Jesus lingo) I had the audacity to innocently ask if the stories in the Bible were actually real, as in 100% truthfully real. My teacher looked at me like I was drinking the rubber cement (to be fair I actually was at the time) and replied ??Of course they are!?? At that point I just stopped being sure. As malformed as my brain was at 8 years old I had trouble believing in people that lived to be 900 years old and how one man and his family could gather up two of every species on Earth, including ones not at all indigenous to his region (Polar bears!) cram them in one boat and have them not either eat each other or die of starvation, or exhaustion or suffocation and somehow ride out an enormous global flood which only takes several months for all the waters to recede. And why would you want to save earwigs anyways? Faith can compensate for some of that, but I??m not sure about all of it. I??m not bible bashing but I just wanted to know if all those stories in Genesis possibly had a different meaning than what we read them as. Apparently not. So with this I think that people like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists are perhaps some of the truest believers we have today. Tell them that they??re preaching hatred or believe that they??re going to Hell, but they??re just doing what they believe is right. They??re walking definitions of biblical literalism. In this sense their biggest fault is that they??re not taking it far enough. And I??m sure that they would probably admit to that. But enough of this. I??m starting to sound like Bill ??Hey Look! I??m a hip middle aged dude that goes to Amsterdam to smoke pot!?? Mahrer. And I don??t want that. The bottom line is that ??The Raptrue?? is a greatly underappreciated, if also flawed, film. It might be a little bit self-important but it??s easy to overlook. It??s a great black comedy from start to finish. The humor is in the same vein as David Lynch??s ??Blue Velvet?? and subsequently Todd Haynes?? ??Safe??: extremely deadpan and thoroughly uncomfortable. Characters are introduced and move with cardboard fluidity. The atmosphere is something of its own creating: dreamlike and surreal for the most part, which I guess makes sense that some question whether or not the whole thing was real or just a hallucination brought on by Rogers??character (I believe it to be real). Either way, it??s one of the more enjoyable movies I rented from Netflix in the past couple of months. I almost feel that this self-indulgent ??TL;DR?? write-up of the film was warranted. If you??ve made it to this part you may feel otherwise.

Ravan Florentin P (jp) wrote: gary cooper spoiled this one. bad acting, bad personality. really incongruent. thank god for Burt

Andrew I (it) wrote: I didn't expect a 1940s film to be more action-packed than the Bourne Ultimatum but for a film about bombing raids, I expected it to be slightly livelier than watching snails grow. After about 20mins, I think I slipped into unconsciousness.

Justin R (au) wrote: Neither the plot or the acting are particularly credible, and whilst Balwin's villain does have some charisma it doesn't particularly gel with the other elements of the film. Despite some thriller aspects to the movie the action sequences are fairly lack-lustre, so overall it is watchable but a bit plodding.

Janine S (ca) wrote: A man is controlling and jealous, smashes the window of his partners car and then post break-up is violent, abusive, gets them fired from work and almost forces his partner to leave the city. Oh wait I'm sorry, thats domestic abuse 101. But in this movie it's a girl doing all the above so that makes it funny. Ha ha ha oh silly me. My female brain got confused.

Jose V (kr) wrote: Great performances. Entertaining. I agree that any person that commits a crime should be punished, but first that person have to be found guilty. All people, no matter the crime, deservs a fair trial. Sometimes we let our feelings get in the way, and want someone to be found guilty, even without knowing all the facts or having all evidence, wich sometime leads to innocent people be found guilty. But... I'll put it this way, would you want to get a fair trial if you are ever accused of anything? I do, even if I'm guilty, is my right, is our right.