The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story

The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story


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The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story torrent reviews

Aaliah D (br) wrote: Funny Cute Loved it

Jc S (kr) wrote: Oh! My gosh I was so traumatized with that movie! Off course I was like 12 when I saw it..

Luke S (ru) wrote: Good old fashioned adventure yarn... y'know, for kids.

Lyric B (de) wrote: The previews made it look interesting, but is was just really boring.

Steven W (es) wrote: Sexy with a humorous twist.

Magen G (fr) wrote: i love this movie it is freaking great!!!!!!!!!!

Dylan W (de) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Every character gets the perfect amount of time. Dialogue and soundtrack are both amazing. It's a pretty funny film with it real humor. Cutting back and watching this film is like chicken noodle soup for the soul.

Calyre Z (es) wrote: "Police Academy 6 : S.O.S...ville en tat de choc"

Beverley R (ca) wrote: ROFLMAO, classic 1970's Zombie movie.

Silas P (es) wrote: A ridiculous movie that might have been an enjoyable light-hearted affair with equally light-weight cast (Roger) but the themes of elephant slaughter and child murder, along with reminders of European behaviour in Africa make this a sobering, brutal and overly long film.

Eric G (gb) wrote: the whole cast were awesome.

Sarah B (gb) wrote: Average rehashing of Pillow Talk. Tony Randall is absolutely amazing though.

Matthew C (us) wrote: Far more entertaining than its older brother, Saludos Amigos, this exploration of Latin American culture is smarter for sporting a loose narrative and utilizing fun, new-ish characters to embody the cultures and personalities of specific regions. Gotta love the mixed, live-action/animated bits too! Could've used an actual ending though...

Michael G (de) wrote: Black Legion is one of the 30s Warner Bros. movies that had to have been based off a newspaper or magazine article and played up with a heavy-handed but relevant message. The story's kind of silly in an exaggerated (even if it is just) way and Humphrey Bogart's acting is a bit hokey (although not as bad as the kid who played his son.) You're never going to find Black Legion on any essential Bogart list but It's not a bad watch considering he's not playing a gangster before he became a leading man.

Cameron F (ag) wrote: Robert Downey Jr's performance as Charlie Chaplin is tremendous. His story is similar to Howard Hughes.

Marc B (br) wrote: Pour un film qui fait un hommage au fin low budget des annes 80 y fait ben la job :D et le chinois est awesome !


Michael H (mx) wrote: Amidst all the gore (and there's a hell of a lot of it!), there's some full on freaky shit happening - it's as if Fulci has taken all your previous nightmares and weaved a surreal tapestry from them