The Great Flamarion

The Great Flamarion

A vaudevillian is tricked into murder by a bored wife.

Flamarion, expert marksman, is entertaining people in a show which features Connie, beautiful woman and her husband Al. Flamarion and Connie fall in love and decide to get rid of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Great Flamarion torrent reviews

Laurent P (nl) wrote: SI le film peine a gerer la famille nombreuse il reserve aussi quelques petits instants d'emotion et de comedie pas si mal foutus...

Carole T (it) wrote: The performances are superb...ranging from delightfully camp and outrageous to poignant and subtle. Wonderfully sharp direction from Soderbergh. This film made me laugh, cry and reflect. Great.

Kyle F (it) wrote: It's no surprise that this film is based on an epic 19th century novel: Raoul Ruiz brings all the melodrama, revenge, lust, twists and interconnecting storylines of a 19th century drama to spectacular life here. At 4 1/2 hours, it's a dense, rich experience that is nothing short of grandiose. From the locations, to the slow tracking shots, to the countless number of women fainting, 'Mysteries of Lisbon' is an engrossing, wondrous, and precise piece of fiction in the same literary vain as Joyce or Dickens.

Tim B (ca) wrote: Kind of lame.... Had some good kills though but there is plenty of stuff to use in a bowling alley.

Raymond D (es) wrote: Typical American Standard, FUCKING RETARDED.

Alfred E (us) wrote: how its like to be city slickers forcibly sent to a remote mountain village to become peasants

Kody S (us) wrote: Sounds like a fun movie.

Jess B (ca) wrote: hate the ending though! i dont get it

Lance M (fr) wrote: It started out strong, but grew sillier and sillier by the minute. ("Oh, your dad just died and you just found out he was a crooked thieving bank robber? Cool; let's make out.") Still a worth-while movie, though.

Shweta K (mx) wrote: Loved It.Am a sucker for Historical Drama

Justin B (de) wrote: Born Free on crack. Part 60's/70's era Disney family comedy, part snuff film. It's insurmountably flawed given normal standards but as an experience of entertainment, it's of a unique breed that has to be seen.

I am A (ag) wrote: Good music, bad film

Eliabeth H (de) wrote: Maybe my favorite movie of the year, and the best 80s flavored soundtrack I can think of.