The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle

This film tries to blow the whistle on what it calls the biggest swindle in modern history: 'Man Made Global Warming'. Watch this film and make up your own mind.

Everything you've ever been told about Global Warming is probably untrue. This film blows the whistle on the biggest swindle in modern history. We are told that 'Man Made Global Warming' is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aneesh R (jp) wrote: there are different kinds guess...hmm.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: It is a pity to see this compelling subject told in such a simplistic and bureaucratic way, and so the three characters and their motivations are not really well developed, even if the actors do their best. Besides, the constant skips in time contribute to make the story less fluid.

Robert B (br) wrote: Leave (Robert Celestino, 2011)The bad news: I'm trying to be more aggressive about not letting review sit too long anymore, so I'm going through the header backlog and trying to at least start a whole bunch of reviews that have been sitting and waiting for me to write them for months. I was scrolling through the list and I came to the header for Leave. And I didn't remember a damn thing about it, based on title, director, and release date. On the other hand, the good news: when I looked the movie up at IMDB and checked the plot summary, I remembered everything I had initially wanted to say about the movie by the time I'd read the first half of the first sentence. Which should point you to the predictable ending of this review, much as the opening scenes of Leave point you to the movie's similarly-predictable ending. Leave is not a particularly bad film, though it is not, either, a particularly good film. Much of the reason for this is that, primarily, it is a safe film. It treads ground that has been trod many times by many other movies, but it does not do so in a way that distinguishes it either for good or ill.Plot: Henry Harper (Sin City's Rick Gomez) is a novelist. After a recent piece of nastiness (a home invasion), he's started having a recurring nightmare. His therapist (The Conjuring's Ron Livingston) suggests, reasonably, "hey, you're a novelist, write it out." So Henry decides to pack up his life, head for his remote second home in the middle of nowhere, and write a thriller based on actual events. On the way there, he stops at a roadside diner that you have seen in about a dozen films (literally, it's the same one) that is weirdly deserted except for Chris (Righteous Kill's Frank John Hughes). Henry thinks Chris is a stranger...but Chris doesn't think the same, and he knows more than enough about Henry's life to convince Henry that, yes, something is amiss here.And by this point, you should know exactly what that is because, as I said before, you have already seen this movie a few times. (I didn't realize it until I was writing that synopsis, but there is actually a very obvious parallel with a much more famous movie, and if it became obvious to you as well while reading that, I apologize.) Given that, there's nothing wrong with killing an hour and a half with this one, if that sort of woozy-spiritual-drama-thriller is up your alley, but you won't be missing out on the Great American Celluloid if you decide you've got better things to watch. ** 1/2

Jaime V (ru) wrote: they say the ended is the most important part of a movie.. And with that said I was not disappointed with ending. Nothing stands out but the ending..

Dustin P (jp) wrote: Really dull for an action movie. The acting is mediocre at best. The only good part was the axe fight between Sylvester Stallone and Jason Mamoa. Even if you're a big Stallone fan, don't waste your time on this one.

Georgieboy M (fr) wrote: Slow paced film with a soothing feeling. The most amazing an this film us that in the 40 first minutes nothing really happens, actually its a characteristic that remains the rest of the film, but even that you never get bored. The quiet atmosphere and the beautiful sea is a permanent reminder of what are you seeing.

Brett A (gb) wrote: This was surprisingly fun to watch. I enjoyed it.

Sean H (es) wrote: Would have enjoyed more if they didn't make Stallone the equivalent of Dewey from Scary Movie, most of the film.

Jamie S (kr) wrote: This is one of those films thats so bad and over the top that it's actually good. I always remember the scene where the granny cuts off someones knob, looks at it and throws it away- sooooooo funny!

Alailson B (mx) wrote: Ainda que se prolongue mais do que deveria e conte com algumas quase imperdoveis coincidncias, o bom elenco e a direo de Polanski salvam o filme.

Ben H (it) wrote: Fantastic film, arguably Pacino's best work. In this movie, a bank robber, Sonny tries to rob a bank to get money for his lover's sex change, but fails miserably. Soon, hundreds of people are watching and rooting for Sonny, as the police try to settle things down. Near perfect movie, and definitely one of Sidney Lumet's best, Dog Day Afternoon is worth your time.

Rushdie T (us) wrote: part of Indian cinema's anthology

Pat M (jp) wrote: The song PS I love so great...anyone in love has to understand that one..

EWC o (us) wrote: Decent enough, I love how complicated these movies are. Not very memorable, though.

Private U (ag) wrote: one of the better ninja films from the eighties. i loved sho kosugi. this film particularly has some great effects more akin to jackie chan, but without the comedy. i'd really like to find this on dvd to watch again, but its been a fruitless search, so far :(