The Great O'Malley

The Great O'Malley

His role in the plight of an unemployed man (Humphrey Bogart) and his disabled daughter profoundly affects an intractable Irish policeman (Pat O'Brien).

A by-the-book patrolman who cares more about the letter of the law than justice feels guilty when his inflexibility sends a family man to prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc L (ru) wrote: Petite production venue de Nouvelle-Zelande, "Le secret des 7 volcans" joue dans la mme cour que les productions familiales americaines ("City of Ember", "Voyage au centre de la terre", etc...) qui inondent le marche depuis plusieurs annees. Meant magie et science-fiction, il retrouve le ton et l'esprit de ses modles hollywoodiens mais pas leur efficacite, soyons realistes. Lent au demarrage, souffrant de cassures de rythme, d'ellipses narratives et d'explications brouillonnes, le film commence lasser avant mme qu'on entre dans le vif du sujet. Son simplisme le destine egalement davantage aux enfants et aux ados pas trop exigeants sur la marchandise. Au moins, l'avantage d'tre un petit-budget neo-zelandais permet-il de beneficier de la presence toujours reouissante de Sam Neill et de l'expertise des studios Weta en matire d'effets speciaux.

Mikael K (it) wrote: A nostalgic trip back to the universe of "Babylon 5". The feeling of the piece is right on, even if the script has some really obvious weak points.

Paul A (mx) wrote: For the most part, it sticks.

Jamal K (br) wrote: Th eNicest Horror Film....

Jess L (es) wrote: An enjoyable movie that angered me at times over the issue of miscommunication between characters. A glamorized and very much Hollywood look at life in a Thai jail that ends in an upsetting and touching finale.

Ian C (mx) wrote: This flick blew my mind it is unreal. The Moore brothers return home from Nam with all limbs intact and an orphaned Vietbanese boy (they name him Charlie hahaha) , who grows up to be Data from The Goonies. It is worth watching for seeing Chong Li from Bloodsport in drag, plus the part where the Mammy's boy henchman breaks down is one of the funniest things, I have ever seen. The soundtrack is immense and Jerry Trimble's tan makes David Dickinson look like an Albino.

Emod L (it) wrote: 62%The human characters are thin, as is the story, but Masters of the Universe is a time capsule of weird, and it's ultimately enjoyable--at least on a B-movie level.

David E (de) wrote: "what he say?" *hahaha*

Victor M (it) wrote: A well made film with the suited doses of comedy, love and sports. One of the last scenes with Jerry asking for Dorothy in the divorced meeting is one of the best declaration of love.

Duncan K (us) wrote: All the stupidity of the plot and characters aside, this is one of the most egregious attempts I have ever seen to make a truly awful, nonredeemable person the story's hero.