The Great Vazquez

The Great Vazquez

Is it possible to live aside of the system, thinking only about the present and oneself? A feature film about Manuel Vázquez, the best comic book author in Barcelona during the sixties, but, mainly, a man with a very particular way of living his life.

Is it possible to live aside of the system, thinking only about the present and oneself? A feature film about Manuel Vázquez, the best comic book author in Barcelona during the sixties, but... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrei D (au) wrote: This movie is wrong at so many levels that it doesn't even make sense to start talking about its good parts...

Ricardo A (nl) wrote: Faces in the crowd suffers of being too by the numbers thriller despite a silly but fun premise and some exciting sequences.

Lynda M (jp) wrote: A breath of fresh air , well there is plenty of it in Iceland ! yet as a film it is hard to dislike. Beautifully put together and flows over you without being pretensious more welcoming you to enjoy the experience. Superb film.

Araceli Z (ag) wrote: just watched it bacause jake t austin was in it

William R (it) wrote: A very funny cliche thriller at it's most literal

Simon T (fr) wrote: Deliriously bonkers Old Dark House chiller, made watchable by wonderful art direction, a plangent score by Max Steiner and - most notably - a brilliant deranged performance by Peter Lorre, skirting close to farce. "NO! NO! IT WAS THE HAND! THE HORRIBLE HAND!" Alan Alda's dad Robert plays an oleaginous con man.

Russell B (kr) wrote: Basically an excuse to show off some of the big jazz names of the time, but who even needs much of an excuse to do that? Watching this was the first time I'd even seen Lena Horne, Cab Calloway and Fats Waller doing their thing, rather than just hearing it. On the down side, most of Lena's numbers are a tad samey, and the title number is overblown and showy compared to the lovely subdued recording I first heard. However, I did enjoy the first rendition of 'There's No Two Ways About Love', and Fats' performance of 'Ain't Misbehavin'' positively overflows with charisma. Essential for any fans of jazz from this period.

Douglas R (es) wrote: One of my recent favourites. Tennant's rendition of the soliloquey is quiet, reserved & well-done. The look is great as well; Instead of doing like a movie, they kept it to a stage performance with 1 or 2 sets. But the sets are done in black glass & drapery all around, to convey the ideal of "Denmark's a prison". No privacy, everything is reflected back at you. Modernized, but still maintains the quality of the original play.

Andr B (br) wrote: "Amargo Pesadelo" parece ser simples, mas uma alegoria de vigor incrvel.

Jack P (au) wrote: A weak effort that has no punch to support its story. Weak acting and unintentionally funny dialogue kill thus stinker of an adaptation.

Matthew L (jp) wrote: Besides some melodrama and a very cliched ending, Legends of the Fall is a depressing and epic tale of family. It's haunting, complexand psychological.

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Simon T (de) wrote: One of the most epic and greatest movies in history.