The Great Waldo Pepper

The Great Waldo Pepper

A biplane pilot who had missed flying in WWI takes up barnstorming and later a movie career in his quest for the glory he had missed.

A biplane pilot who had missed flying in WWI takes up barnstorming and later a movie career in his quest for the glory he had missed, eventually getting a chance to prove himself in a film ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DJ J (au) wrote: meh............ for a low budget remake, it wasnt too bad. kinda slow and dull, and the characters really didnt fit their roles too good. Overall, it wasnt a complete failure.

Nicolas T (it) wrote: Nice to see some of the members of the Hello Project starring in this movie but there's no much to save except that. It's far far away from the quality of the originals tv sries and movies.

Alexander A (mx) wrote: Probably the best Australian film I have ever had the grand pleasure of viewing.

Thoma N (kr) wrote: Two years after "Vozvrascheniye", here's another great Russian film on paternal relations. This extremely disturbing movie is Sokurov's most daring to date, contains a generous dose of surrealism and allows many interpretations.

Juli R (de) wrote: I like this movie written by Susan Orlean. It knows more than most movies like this. People like these surfer girls usually end up having to work shitty jobs to pay the rent. Roger Ebert compared this movie to Saturday Night Fever. The leads in both movies are talented but love gets in the way of their ambitions.

Robert C (us) wrote: Dreadul performance by Duchovy. So bad that drecting must take share of blame.

Eileen T (kr) wrote: Very original. I would almost believe that the yen town existed in Japanese history. The reference to third culture kids makes me smile, and I love how naturally the sound of mixed linguo of the immigrants are created. I can tell how much effort the entire filming crew have put together to make this fictional story a real living world.

Prateek S (ru) wrote: How can you trade wives???? It's barbaric... Still, I watched it to the end to find what the writer had actually planned.

Jolie C (jp) wrote: Omigawd, poor Patrick trying to get some in this movie, while being chased by his girlfriend's sisters was a hoot!

Louise B (br) wrote: The end was pretty surprising but the acting was terrible. I really didn't see the end coming though they did not look alike at all!

Joel C (it) wrote: Haha, I'm surprised this is on here. I used to know the words to the upside-down cake poem and would recite them frequently.

Laura A (nl) wrote: depressing with a capital D...

DragonsFoe (ca) wrote: Welcome to YesterdayProject Almanac is a very fun film with like able characters but falters in the use of found footage and a questionable third act. This is the kind of film that leaves the viewer pleasantly surprised but is ultimately forgettable.Project Almanac has a lot going for it. It has a solid cast, likeable characters and a solid first two acts. It is undeniable this film was pretty fun. The first two acts managed to set up the time travel aspect in a very fun way, especially when it comes to teenagers and what they would do with the technology. Project Almanc has an equal amount going against it. The characters lack depth and are very stereotypical and 1 dimensional. The film also shouldn't have been found footage based. It would've been better without that aspect. In addition is has a very confusing third act that was hard to follow.Overall Project Almanac was fun while it lasted. It could have been better but was pretty serviceable for a film that came out in January. In fact it might've been one of the best from that month. It was one of those films that was surprisingly not horrible, but is forgettable.Rating: C+ (6.7)

Christopher B (jp) wrote: A wild premise, but those were wild times. An incredible cast on both sides of the camera.

Fong K (fr) wrote: Aesthetically alluring with a new luster aside, this refashioning of the darling "Peanuts" toddler clan delights hearts, young and old, with its hallmark of good ol' irresistible wholesome goodness and cuteness.

Michelle S (ca) wrote: Y'know, this was the first comic book I read when I decided to try and get into comics/graphic novels. The hype around this book was insane. "It's one of the darkest and best Joker stories ever written!" I read it, and was kind of let down. I heard there was a movie, and it didn't get very good reviews. As someone who wasn't blown away from the source material, and isn't appalled by Batgirl and Batman having a thing, this was actually not a bad flick. Mark Hamill as the Joker is really the only true highlight though, and even if I don't like the Joker's backstory (because it's stupid. After watching this and seeing it actually executed well, I can say it's still stupid.), it worked for the film and overall theme.