The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

A documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement.

A documentary about branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Greatest Movie Ever Sold torrent reviews

JeanAntoine B (nl) wrote: Another useless part of the saga that should have ended long ago...

Mark B (kr) wrote: We need Jesus whether we realize that truth or not, and the plot of this movie inspires that reality. I think the acting for the most part was sincere and good. A must see

Sai S (it) wrote: A movie that can be enjoyed over and over again

Luis L (us) wrote: "Ce que tu donnes Momo, est toi pour toujours, ce que tu gardes est perdu jamais"Beautiful

Pablo E (de) wrote: En 1997 Martin Scorsese nos trajo Kundun, un drama que narra la vida del 14 Dalai Lama, desde su "descubrimiento" por un monje tibetano hasta su salida obligada a India para formar en el exilio su gobierno. Visualmente es muy interesante, aunque las escenas en China pudieron ser ms elevoradas. Es coetnea a "7 aos en el Tibet", llevndose sta ltima la mayora de los crditos. Por eso, puede ser una buena oportunidad de verla. Msica de Philip Glass. Recomendable.

Morpheus O (ag) wrote: When I first saw this movie, back in the early/mid-90's, on HBO, I found it to be lacking somewhere and/or something. Perhaps I didn't understand the war, Nazi Germany, or something else, all of those things, or some combination of them ...but, I didn't quite see the significance of the meaning of this film. I didn't appreciate the characters, nor the obstacles that they faced throughout the story. Since then I have taken it upon myself to become better acquainted with history, reading books, watching movies, documentaries, talking to ppl and I understand this film better than I did many years ago.Most ppl that I know, that I have talked to about this subject, agree that Hitler was drunk with power. He was drunk on the idea(s) and the ideal(s) that he had envisioned for himself and his place in the world. (At least some of that might have to do with the fact that he was a vegetarian, who inevitably suffered from stunted growth due to a lack of proteins and an amphetamine addict, who was also familiar with cocaine!) And if he had had the opportunity to do so, he would have taken the opportunity to conquer the entire world. The Hitler depicted in this film and the Hitler that we know really existed have at least one, at least, mostly unseen quality in common: they never had that opportunity so, they took what they could get for as long as they could get it! I suspect that I didn't understand and/or appreciate much back when I first saw this film; this is a movie that has gotten better with age, which is extremely rare, for ANY movie...I found this to be a realistic depiction of what WWII, Europe, the US, Asia and Germany, could have turned into/turned out to be like in the years after the war.

Dimitris T (fr) wrote: infuenced by evil dead but i still can forget the scene when cory kick the balls of antichrist in the final scene of the movie ... a must see.

Chris W (ru) wrote: Taking place on the eve of Richard Nixon's taking of the presidency, but released in the aftermath of Watergate, this film provides a nice commentary about the Nixon years, made more potent by the fact that the audience (but not the characters) are aware of how things would turn out with Nixon.This isn't a film about presidential politics though. Rather, it is about sexual ploitics. I just mentioned all of the above since the film places things within a certain context, which also gives more weight and depth to the satire it is presenting about what was going on at the time. SImply put, if one wanted a historically rooted film that commented on the sexual revolution, this would be one to watch.Warren Beatty plays George- a successful hairdresser on the verge of financial ruin who gets in way over his head when the man who might loan him some money just happens to be with an ex of his, as well as the father and husband of two other woman (among others) that he is sleeping around with. This makes for both some fun satirical laughs, as well as some poignant drama that ties in with the death of 60s idealism and the terrible hangover that hits when the party ends. Robert Towne (who also wrote Chinatown) penned the script, and apparently Beatty had a hand of some sort in the writing process as well. Hal Ashby directs, and it is one of several 1970s masterpieces he was responsible for helming. I really like that guy, and it is good to see thast others are starting to feel the same way (on a broader scale).Beatty and the rest of the cast (including a young Carrie FIsher) are all excellent, and somehow, we actually sympathize with some of these characters, and kind of care for them, even if we really shouldn't. Give this one a watch. It's a great film with a strong ending, and a great look at the times it both portrays and came about during.

Private U (ca) wrote: I wish more movies like this were produced today. Three gods of Italian 60s cinema team up to revamp Boccaccio's hilarious Decameron, with literary-sexy results.

Tico P (mx) wrote: Even though I haven't seen it, I give this a fiver for title and casting creativity.

Greg W (fr) wrote: one of the better universal 'mix n match' monster series

Mike S (jp) wrote: A really good film and what feels to be a good reenactment of what happen at Alcatraz in 1962. It wasn't overdone or it wasn't watered down and overly acted. A solid performance from Clint Eastwood. Two thumbs up.

Ryan H (ca) wrote: Great, Great movie; I loved it so much, I took it to school and my teacher let me playing during last period.

Stephen S (de) wrote: Classic Hitchcock. Awesome film.

Patrick K (au) wrote: This initially came out within a week of the other apocalyptic comedy Craig Robinson was in "This Is The End" but it is quite inferior to that film. Was it funny?? Yes it was but not as funny as it could have been with a hilarious cast including Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and the witty Anna Kendrick. Ken Jeong as god was unexpected and brilliant but the whole premise of the film was the main 2 trying to rid the world of the anti christ (Robinson) whilst he was trying to mate with Lindsey (Kendrick) as you do. Despite the fact the comedy lacked something it was still good enough to gain quite a few laughs but just wont be a classic

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: Bon film, mais merde que c'est troublant de voir Sean Penn en blond