The Green Archer

The Green Archer

Columbia's 12th serial of 57 total (following 1940's "Deadwood Dick" and ahead of 1941's "White Eagle") is another of director's James Horne's "classics" where he evidently figured that the same reactions that served him well in Laurel and Hardy films would work well in action serials where he has all hands, heroes and villains alike, doing some kind of over-the top "take", no matter the situation. This loose adaptation of an Edgar Wallace story finds Michael Bellamy (Kenne Duncan in his Kenneth Duncan period) inheriting Garr Castle, but his brother, Abel Bellamy (James Craven, as usual making Oil-Can Harry look smooth), has him imprisoned unjustly and moves into the castle himself. When Michael's wife, Elaine Bellamy (Dorothy Fay), fails to return after visiting Abel, her sister Valerie Howett (Iris Meredith), accompanied by their father,

Columbia's 12th serial of 57 total (following 1940's "Deadwood Dick" and ahead of 1941's "White Eagle") is another of director's James Horne's "classics" where he evidently figured that the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick L (nl) wrote: Charlie Hunnam is just as good in this as he is in Sons of Anarchy.

Joanna K (kr) wrote: So bad! It was a shame to see Katherine Heigl in such a bad movie (although she faked British accent perfectly!). Not my kind of humor at all. Yuck!

Jimmy L (br) wrote: Diangkat dari manga Karate Baka Ichidai. Berkisah tentang Masutatsu Oyama, pendiri aliran bela diri Kyokushin.Kisah menarik dari seorang pemuda Choi Bae-dal yang migrasi ke Jepang pada saat PD II. Kisah tentang "from zero to hero".Film "martial art" Korea yg wajib ditonton penggemar genre ini, selain film-film Hongkong.

Nicholas H (de) wrote: An attempt at Guy Ritchie cool that does better than I expected thanks to Sam L. and Robert Carlyle.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Charming, funny, poignant, beautifully filmed in gorgeous Scotland, this wonderful movie tells a nostalgic tale of growing up in highland castle. The cast is superb and does a glorious job of bringing it all alive for us. A great watch!

Onur K (fr) wrote: It's been a long time but as far as I remember, even Cameron Diaz wasn't good enough to save this movie.

Gaynor B (ru) wrote: The beautiful, guileless Bess played by Emily Watson carries this film to such supreme heights it's difficult to no picture her coy face winking at you through the camera for days after viewing. Von Trier is a master at playing with our expectations and assumptions regarding faith and belief. What is dangerous and what is good. Unlike some other directors, I'm looking at you Haneke, Von Trier posits the questions, but doesn't hand hold the viewer through to the "answer" if there needs to be one. And, as always, beautifully filmed.

Alexandre S (es) wrote: Deuxime film du "Zoom Gographique" consacre par le Festival Rsistances 2010 la cinmatographie de l'Iran ! projet le dimanche 11 juillet 2010 vers 18h dans la grande salle de l'Estive Foix !

Josh L (gb) wrote: More people really should see this movie, if you like H.P. Lovecraft, or at least find Witch Hunt

Amanda F (de) wrote: "...My sugar!"--quote from the movie

Tommi A (au) wrote: Pure propaganda, or rather a combination of an army training- and recruiting film, but entertaining as such. I'm sure quite a few young men found themselves on the other side of the world wearing dogtags and missing a limb or two as a result of this movie. I hope the the same thing doesn't happen to me.

Bill M (ca) wrote: An enjoyably crappy early 80's splatter-fest, this film has an endearingly no-budget half arsed look and feel to it and a fun concept, if your into this era of anything goes horror then it's worth finding out for yourself "whats in the basket"?

Daniel V (es) wrote: A masterpiece by a master of his craft. Sergio Leone passed up The Godfather for this labor of love. It ended up being his last movie, seeing as he stepped away from making them for a bit. The studio butchered this movie for an American edit that ditched its intended story telling method as well as cutting the movie in half! Luckily most of it has been restored and it is beautiful with one of the finest movie scores ever composed. An epic of epic proportions!