The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet

After the superstardom and early death of Bruce Lee, 20th Century Fox decided to cobble together a couple of theatrical feature films from this property, of which this 1974 effort is the first. The bulk of the film consists of four episodes crudely spliced together. Scattered throughout are bizarrely irrelevant fight scenes from other episodes, which make the already disjointed plotting quite surreal. The television image was cropped to make a widescreen film, which means the tops of heads and hats are lopped off the frame with alarming regularity.

Several episodes of the 1966 TV series "The Green Hornet" edited together and released as a feature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christophe M (br) wrote: Vritable affaire familiale, "Gracie" est inspir de l'histoire de l'actrice Elisabeth Shue sur une fille qui, aprs avoir perdu son footballeur de grand frre, dcide de jouer son tour mais doit faire face aux prjugs surtout l'poque des annes 70. Ce film n'est fait que par des personnes dvoues la cause, aussi bien les acteurs que l'quipe de tournage, Andrew Shue (vritable footballeur et acteur dans Melrose Place), Elisabeth Shue et son mari sont impliqus dans tous les aspects du projet. Et c'est pour a que ce film se suit malgr tout, c'est vraiment trs sincre et on peut dire que le coeur y est, vraiment. Mais le problme, c'est que la structure du film un peu hache, l'histoire qui n'vite pas les clichs, et une ralisation un peu bancale font de ce film une "simple" dclaration d'amour un tre cher disparu et met un peu trop de ct l'aspect cinmatographique, on a l'impression que c'est parfois amateur, fait avec des tripes et de l'envie, mais il manque la matrise et la cohrence. Cependant, l'actrice Carly Schroeder tient le film sur ses paules et est trs convaincante en adolescente dtermine et comme je l'ai dit, le reste suit ct acteur, dommage qu'ils soient un peu en roue libre et qu'il manque le petit quelque chose. Mais tel qu'il est, a reste un tmoignage touchant d'une partie de la vie assez mconnue d'une actrice reconnue !

Larry C (gb) wrote: This is the worst movie ever made. I believe that anyone who gave this a good rating ought to be in therapy. This movie is disgusting and awful.

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Judge L (fr) wrote: I would watch this and 'Slap Shot' all the time back in High School while I was playing Ice Hockey. Have not see this flick in a very long time. Still an alright hockey flick to this day.

Samuel C (ag) wrote: you might need to switch your brain ON before watching this and also before giving a review on the internet.

HungYa L (au) wrote: I somehow feel that the book should be better. The movie is okay.

Stefanie C (it) wrote: Black comedy, Italian style. Delightfully satirical. Germi explores an antiquated law that eradicates rape if the parties marry. Peppino doesn't want to marry Agnese because she is no longer virginal: "The man has the right to ask; the woman has a duty to refuse." But, why would Agnese want to marry her seducer? Chaos ensues in defense of family and honor.

Charlie G (de) wrote: Kid finds an engine pulled from a spaceship and tries to pass it off as his science project but it causes unexpected problems.

Byron B (es) wrote: This is a little like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with themes of the passing of the ways of the old west. It is set in the early 1900s. Automobiles and motorcycles are taking over as preferred modes of transportation. Wayne reunites with O'Hara briefly, too briefly. She only appears in the opening scenes. John Wayne's real son Patrick plays one rebellious son. Robert Michum's real son Christopher plays the other motocycle riding son. John Wayne is especially macho and stuck in his generation's way of relating to the younger generation who want to try new things. Of course since Wayne is the star and a producer, his character wins the day by stubbornly sticking to what he knows, putting the young men in their place as spoiled kids with tantrums and toys, and beating the outlaws.

Stephen H (es) wrote: People who enjoy music pop, rock & roll. As Well as the history behind theses art forms & how they got started. This movie is for you. The average person will learn a thing or two about some good classic music. My opinion it's a go.

Tim R (it) wrote: Rex Reed of the New York Observer sums it up perfectly... "I expected nothing special and wound up being thoroughly exhilarated."Really good movie, true story, and great acting. This is one of the few Chris Pine movies Ive seen, and he makes for a great 1950's bro. Casey Affleck was one of the more likable characters I can think of.