The Green Prince

The Green Prince

This real-life thriller tells the story of one of Israel’s prized intelligence sources, recruited to spy on his own people for more than a decade. Focusing on the complex relationship with his handler, The Green Prince is a gripping account of terror, betrayal, and unthinkable choices, along with a friendship that defies all boundaries.

A Palestinian in Ramallah| Mosab Hassan Yousef grows up angry and ready to fight Israel. Arrested for smuggling guns at the age of 17| he's interrogated by the Shin
Bet| Israel's security service| and sent to prison. But shocked by Hamas's ruthless tactics in the prison and the organization's escalating campaign of suicide
bombings outside| Mosab agrees to spy for Israel. For him| there is no greater shame. For his Shin Bet handler| Gonen| there is no greater prize: "operating" the
oldest son of a founding member of Hamas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicola D (ca) wrote: Ugh. I had high hopes for this but the build was SO slow it ruined any possibility.

Daniel S (jp) wrote: Average documentary that only mildly expands on previously documented material. Mainly serving as a follow-up to the Osbournes reality television series, only hardcore fans and those unaccustomed to the career of the Black Sabbath frontman will find this film beneficial.

Justin M (au) wrote: I've seen this dude on a million shows and comedy bits. Always funny. The high pitch voice gets me every time with the bulging eyes he uses.... In sand up mode I think its gotta be toned down just a bit. Can get a bit annoying sometimes. That being said, his material is very funny. Up to date subjects. Sometimes even cracking jokes too soon, as events are still fresh in folks minds and hearts. I've seen him do some other jokes on in other routines that were a funnier and I was expecting to hear them on this DVD. Little disappointed, but if I were a new fan of his I think this would be an awesome introduction.

Anthony V (ca) wrote: Laura Dern gives a wild tour de force as an actress who loses herself in a role. Literally. Full of the usual Lynch touches. However, not recommended as your first Lynch film or for people whom are easily confused.

Deborah L (us) wrote: I love this guys art... and I only just discovered he has a piece at the Meijer's Sculpture Garden. I wonder if there are any more in Michigan... I should try and find out...

Robert B (ag) wrote: Schizopolis is piled with layers of amusement for the id, ego, and superego. People earn their liberal arts degrees in order to be able to watch and understand this film. Some of it is outright funny (like a man with no pants running around) or weird funny (e.g. an exterminator milkman that talks like the $10,000 Pyramid on Mars), but much of it you have got to get it to get it (not all of it, but some amount); this is, after all, satire and social commentary. So if postmodernism and the contemporary art section of your local museum is not your bag, then you are still probably in the target audience for Schizopolis, but it will likely be a miss. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the 90s era, Office Space and Short Cuts, then Schizopolis may just be your kind of movie.

Theresa H (fr) wrote: Best movie I have seen in a long time !!

Cody Y (fr) wrote: The ending is awesome, the rest is so-so.

Jason A (kr) wrote: (3 astronauts looking at a mile high monolith on the moon.) "No wonder we didn't see it from space.

Tim O (fr) wrote: I thought this was an awesome movie. Very hard to find video. I like the short clip here. As a Native American I can relate to the ongoing racism in today's world.

Aprile F (us) wrote: Why Jimmy Stewart followed up The Philadelphia Story with this movie I don't know. Generally, it had a boring plot and it wasn't the most creative. But call me a sucker, I'll love anything with Jimmy Stewart in it. Add in him singing and playing the harmonica and I'm sold to watch it again.

JeanFranois M (mx) wrote: Un bon film racontant l'histoire de WikiLeaks. Benedict Cumberbact est excellent!

Joe K (nl) wrote: pretty good. i watched him from 2011 before anything else and id have to say hes gotten better year by year kinda