The Green Room

The Green Room

Based on the Henry James short story "The Altar of the Dead", in which a man becomes obsessed with the many dead people in his life and builds a memorial to honor them. This film is also based on other short story by Henry James, "The Beast of the Jungle". It would be the last film Truffaut would act in.

A French little town, at the end of the twenties. Julien Davenne is a journalist whose wife Julie died a decade ago. He gathered in the green room all Julie's objects. When a fire destroys ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason B (jp) wrote: Amazing(exclamation point) ;)

Perrine B (it) wrote: juiveries blingbling a gogo pour cet etalage d'exces caracteristiques des nouveaux riches. Bien sur le personnage a ete concu pour etre enervant, et ca marche. Par contre, point de droleries et film trop long pour dire aussi peu de choses.

Nicholas H (mx) wrote: I bought this movie for like, 3 dollars, because it was like, 3 dollars. I thought "It can't be that bad". I then read the reviews and thought "Great, shoulda gotten some candy bars". But tonight I watched it. And honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The dream sequences seemed strange at first but they made me laugh and they actually came together in the end. Well, I got what the director was trying to say. I think Mila Kunis did a good job, and Jon Heder actually seemed the most different from his famous "Napoleon Dynamite", than any of the other roles I've seen him in. It made me laugh, I rooted for the romance, and it had a happy ending. Maybe it didn't vary too much from the classic movie formula, but that's exactly why I loved it. Overall, a moving, transforming, funny film. Four stars.

Mella I (gb) wrote: hydee..... cinta cinta.. n n..

Chris S (us) wrote: When Nico spends his vacation in his old friend's place and the parents aren't home, both of them discover their own sexuality and experiment with sex. Although he isn't that aware of it, Dani seems to have an infatuation for his friend, Nico, while Nico is busy falling in love for a girl they meet in town. This coming-of-age film is quite blunt and realistic but I don't like the somewhat ambiguous ending that much.

Heather M (mx) wrote: Great story.. with sadness...

Andrew L (ag) wrote: This is probably Van Damme's best movie. Though that's not saying much. It's the most commercial and doesn't feel cheap like his other movies. It's still cheesy and all that, but it's the 90's and Van Damme. You should expect that.

Ben R (nl) wrote: Historical accuracy aside, this is a terrific film from Hollywood's greatest year, 1939. Tyrone Power, Randolph Scott, and especially a young Henry Fonda were all at their very best in this film that holds up remarkably well even after seventy years.