The Grind

The Grind

The Grind is a modern urban drama, set in world of sex, drug dealers, dance nightclubs and loan sharks. Vince is the nightclub manager of The Grind in Hackney, East London and having fought his way to a decent living and respectable lifestyle he is determined to settle down and take life easier. Upon meeting and starting a relationship with Nancy, Vinces dream of running a casino for his Boss and getting married looks set. Bobby, Vinces best friend from school, is released from prison and their friendship soon falls apart, Bobbys addiction to cocaine and gambling spirals out of control and he now owes a huge amount of money to Vinces boss, Dave ; owner of The Grind and an East End loan shark. Vince's life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Loyalties are tested and friendships are pushed to their limits.

The Grind is a modern urban drama, set in world of sex, drug dealers, dance nightclubs and loan sharks... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robin v (jp) wrote: an interesting story about real people who should have been in the public eye before this. truly felt as though they didn't even notice the cameras, so candid and authentic they were. loved the last scene!

Tiffany R (ag) wrote: I though this was going to be funny and it did have a few funny scenes but it was enough to actually enjoy this to much.

Roland D (fr) wrote: Actor's play is great, applause for Madonna for picking true ukrainian actor to play ukrainian character. But crumpled plot ruined it - can be much better, if it is only one storyline, maybe two, but not three.

Sarah B (nl) wrote: Just finished watching this - great art film. Enjoyed it very much.

Sophia Q (it) wrote: Another oldie that I find to be perfect - I love it for the songs, the acting, the sweet nature, the name it.

The Movie W (ru) wrote: A psychosexual horror thriller about an anatomically correct anatomy medical dummy should be loads of tacky fun. In the hands of Sandor Stern's stolid direction we get a thriller melodrama that is a crossbreed of Psycho and Magic with the syrupy sheen of a made for TV Hallmark film.Based on the novel by Andrew Neiderman (who also wrote "John Grisham meets The Omen" thriller Devil's Advocate, which itself was loosely readapted for film as an Al Pacino blackly comic ham-fest), Pin tells the story of Ursula (Preston) and Leon (Hewlett), raised in quiet suburban seclusion by their father Dr Linden (O'Quinn) and mother (Mantel). Dr Linden has a facility with ventriloquism which he uses to give a voice and character to Pin, the anatomist dummy in his office. By turns enrapturing his children and using Pin as a means of bestowing wisdom and lessons, all is well. However, as the Linden children grew up, Ursula may have developed a taste for parties and teenage sexual encounters, but Leon has grown an unhealthy attachment to Pin that may spark into tragedy.The loss of identity and split personality themes fit the thriller genre like a glove; De Palma has pretty much made a career out of it. Pin may tread well worn ground, but it does develop its characters and has a genuine air of melancholy. This is a movie where the writing is much better than the direction. Stern is an old hand at television and in this, his only cinema release, he doesn't transcend the medium; the whole movie feels shackled. It politely mumbles itself through such queasy scenes as Leon witnessing his own sisters abortion performed by their father, and the increasingly unhealthy sibling relationship is too discreet, as if in fear of losing a TV sponsor. Ursula may also be the most wholesome good time girl in all of cinema; when Stern does embrace bad taste with a scene involving a nurse having sex with Pin (which implies he's anatomically correct in all the right places) we get a hint of the febrile psychosexual delight this could have been.Its failings as a horror movie are also what differentiates it from most of its ilk. By empathizing so deeply with Leon it stages events as tragedy, a gradual erosion of the person with every act he commits, rather than horror set piece. Leon may be doing monstrous things but he is never viewed as a monster. The performances are all uniformly good, although O'Quinn has a hard time removing the shackles of The Stepfather, his doctor father here seeming just a little too sinister.In the end this is a tragedy hiding in horror clothing, a film ending on a grace note of sadness rather than winking at a possible sequel. You just wish it was directed with a little more brio. Like its lead actress, it wants to be slutty but is a little too Laura Ashley for its own good.(Review by Jason Abbey)

Mats C (it) wrote: Varulvar och motorcyklar, hur kan det bli fel? Antagligen fr man veta det om man ser den hr filmen. Jag r i all fall nyfiken, om inte frvntansfull.

Marcus H (kr) wrote: This film is the definition of EPIC. I see a lot of people hating on the acting or the love story. Well fine you don't like Nicole Kidman or Mr. Wolverine fair enough. This is an Australian masterpiece "Kidman, Jackman, Luhrmann" that has a ring to it! I'm not touch with Aussie cinema (I've seen all the Mad Max films, 1981's Gallipoli, the Crocodile Dundee films, Disney's The Rescue Rangers: Down Under, a lot of late great Steve Irwins show, 2011's Sanctum, Tomorrow, When the War Began [the film - liked it; very Red Dawn, I see they've made a TV series] and Netflix's export Mako Mermaids but not much else oh and The Babadook loved that instant horror classic!). Like much of the world I've follow Luhrmann's films since Romeo & Juliet. I guess if you expected another Moulin Rouge this was a disappointment; it's not a musical. It's highly stylist but nothing like The Great Gatsby. Haven't ventured to that continent yet but it gives one the impression it provides a faithful portrayal of life in Australia in the 1940s. Anyway I assume this is their Gone With The Wind it's a sprawling adventure. It is a longer film but the pacing is on point. So at under 3 hours those who can't sit through a single viewing it's not for them.Like all of Luhrmann's work it's written produced and directed by him. His touch is on every frame yet its nothing like any of his other films and thats what make them great. He likes working with John Leguizamo, DiCaprio and Kidman very cool you might realize you saw one of them in another picture he made but that's it. This is a fairy tale love story, taking place in a blossoming post industrial society dealing with the racial division of a lands native culture and it's a war film. Your going to laugh and your going to cry; it is freaking epic...

amelia c (jp) wrote: this film is so good with the Triwizard ternament all the great actors they put into this film wow!!

ScubaSteve Walter M (nl) wrote: Great timing to release this movie at same time as the IRONMAN 3 hype. And as expected the action scenes are more than the actual IRONMAN 3 movie. Just leave the mecha animation to the Japanese and they know how to make a grade A epic battles. However just like the rest of the adaptations, the villain is weak and so goes the plot. Oh by the way, the Punisher is also on this film and he sure packs lots of fire power to the movie. Despite of all of these, the movie is watchable.

Paul T (au) wrote: Loved IT! i have always been a massive fan of RT contend and absoutley loved this, the first of hopefully many films from them