The Gristle

The Gristle

The Senator needs a Kidney. He's unwilling to wait for one to become available, and has let it be known he is willing to pay top dollar. Two hospital workers want to sell him one. But when ...

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The Gristle torrent reviews

Matthew A (ca) wrote: Presto! This is one of the best Pixar short films.

Tom D (de) wrote: Well constructed and Reno is good as always, but it never really rises above the ordinary.

Kyle C (mx) wrote: Not bad, a little predictable, but hey, that's Hollywood. Why make an original, intriguing story when you can make a movie that everyone should see coming about half way through? If it wasn't for some of the strong performances this could have been much worse but it is saved by the acting, worth a watch but don't expect a gripping tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat

meghana c (jp) wrote: so good.....pavan kalyan is hott

Anesia R (kr) wrote: A light-hearted sexy comedy that offers plenty to laugh at. The sing-and-dance numbers are hilarious despite their cheesiness. I wish there were more Spanish movies like this!

Stacy d (it) wrote: saw it when i was a kid and its so cute.

John O (nl) wrote: Hellraiser 5 Living in your own personal hell This movie is different to all the others it follows the story of a detective and he opens the box to his hell Good visual effects special and makeup Plot A bit hard to follow but if you watched it you could compare it to twilight zone but in hellEnjoyable worthwhile watching

Adam P (ru) wrote: Pacing issues w/ a cliche plot

Scott M (kr) wrote: Really captures the feel, and the look of the 70's. I also love how PT Anderson doesn't preach about how drugs are bad. Or how sex is bad. He just tells a story. One of my all time favorite movies.

THOMAS S (ru) wrote: This movie had great character crime drama. Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine, and Jennifer Lopez are awesome.

Rose A (jp) wrote: Two young lovers struggle to temper their passion with the morals of Ireland in the 1950's. Driver is an engaging mix of strong will and tempting vulnerability...

Nathan H (ru) wrote: I am a sucker for these movies based in the 50's/Early 60's, mostly for the music. This movie had the music, but that's about it. If you are looking for a movie about growing up during this time period "American Graffiti" had more laughs and "Dead Poets Society" had a better story.

Sal W (au) wrote: This is a classic movie and a must own DVD.

David B (ru) wrote: This Fritz Lang film may be relatively slight, but it's got plenty of imagination, some lively performances, and a bittersweet tone, all which make it mighty enjoyable.

Logan M (it) wrote: I think I've just found my new favorite movie.

Walker L (kr) wrote: Worst Tarantino movie to date, by far. Mostly just basic dialogue, poorly executed plot twists, and very needless gore and blood splatters. I love the gore of Tarantino's movies just like everyone else, but this movie takes it a little over the top. Relatively boring movie overall. 2.5 stars!

Mitchell B (gb) wrote: Ah the inscrutable Japanese. Sometimes this plays like an action packed episode of Battlestar Galactica, sometimes like a karaoke video. Fairly entertaining but after a while the 2 hour running time becomes a grind.