The Ground Is the Limit

The Ground Is the Limit


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The Ground Is the Limit torrent reviews

Cherie B (nl) wrote: I have this dvd: it great shows, wild horse again, i love it, etc.. :D

Paul E (ca) wrote: OK, maybe I'm an old sap, but I loved this movie. It's a throwback to the old screwball comedies and it is as good as they were. The film is perfectly cast - Frances McDormand and Amy Adams are their usual fantastic selves. Ciaran Hinds and Lee Pace are also excellent. It's also a beautiful film to look at. The costume and set designs are beautiful. Just a lot of fun.

Jessie V (au) wrote: the acting wasn't bad (surprise!)...plot was a bit silly (expected!)...but in a giant squid movie, you know what you need? the giant squid. this was mostly tentacles flying out of the water.

James K (fr) wrote: Its rare that a film comes along that really moves you and gets you excited about the cinematic art form but this is one that does. A moving story about fatherhood, directed and acted in an elite class. Every person on earth needs to watch and be moved by this classic

Hobie P (ca) wrote: The film is creepy enough to entertain you.

Tristan P (de) wrote: Should have know better than to watch this when I saw the words "directed by Michael Feifer" on the DVD, but I couldn't resist a Devil's Rejects reunion... Silly me.

Darren F (ru) wrote: Hilarious and charming

Drew R (br) wrote: Yep, it's French. I knew it was good when my mom asked "is this one of those "Art" films?" Perfect for the dreamers... the ones who "never get the girl." The ones who confuse dreams and reality. The creative ones. Director did Eternal Sunshine and movie feels like a blend of this and 500 Days of Summer, just with more self-destructive tendencies and less "Autumn."

Jacob B (ca) wrote: 'Catwoman' suffers from editing that makes it feel like the cameramen can't focus on the perfect shot, and although it does tone itself down to make room for some enjoyable action sequences, even those alone look fake. This movie has way too much CGI that gives this movie a 1 star-rating. Its biggest crime is that it also has nothing to do with the DC character it is supposedly inspired by, and there is not much of the character to satisfy.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Classic film even though not an awful lot happens and it just goes a little bland near the end, Not allot of funny moments but it's clever.

aaron w (ag) wrote: the ONLY decent Sandler film

Garrett T (br) wrote: Excellent giallo with a fabulous score by Ennio Morricone.

Robbie T (jp) wrote: It's the 2016 version of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" and Laura Birn is the new Rebecca De Mornay. And I like "The Ones Below" more because it doesn't need any typical jump-scare or psycho-chasing moments to create a really chilling and nail-biting atmosphere. The plot is a bit slow-paced and quite predictable, but thanks to its great direction and good cast, this thriller successfully stands out among its genres.