The Grudge

The Grudge

American nurse, Karen Davis moves to Tokyo and encounters a vengeful supernatural spirit known as The Grudge that often possesses its victims. When a series of horrifying and mysterious deaths occur – with the spirit passing its curse onto each victim - Karen must find away to break the spell before she becomes the spirit's next victim.

Karen Davis, an American Nurse, moves to Tokyo and encounters a supernatural spirit who is vengeful and often possesses its victims. A series of horrifying and mysterious deaths start to occur, with the spirit passing its curse onto each victim. Karen must now find away to break this spell, before she becomes its next victim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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travis n (ru) wrote: There was not a SINGLE haystack that was jumped into. There goes my 5 stars.

Joaqun S (ca) wrote: Aburrida. Tena tantas ganas de ver esta pelcula desde su triunfo en el Festival de Cannes, luego por su nominacin al Oscar. Sin embargo me he arrepentido, sent la pelcula floja y aburrida, no existe nada de empata y aunque sea un documental debe de existir. No me ha gustado.

Fabo O (us) wrote: "Bakit mo ba hinahanap ang isang tao? Kasi Mahal Mo."One of the best romantic Filipino film I've seen so far. Toni Gonzaga & John Lloyd Cruz solidify why they are such brilliant actors of the new generation. Cathy Garcia-Molina's best work so far since One More Chance. I love the "Di Na Natuto/Debut" scene. The Mushy Tagalog punchlines added colors to it's amazing plot.

Josefine L (kr) wrote: En feel-good-ig mysfilm, romkom :)

Cameron M (au) wrote: It will stay with you forever- powerful, disturbing, and brilliant

Christopher B (it) wrote: If even half this film is true, it makes one wonder just exactly how much the American government is lying to it's people and just what other awful things it could be covering up. Perhaps if Michael Moore was in this more would have seen it, but people should really give this a watch.

William R (es) wrote: This installment makes the series 3-0

Scott C (br) wrote: Totally forgettable.

Matt G (mx) wrote: Nostalgia holds a magical power over people. It can warm souls, comfort sadness, project youth, and even cloud judgment. This makes films like Labyrinth particularly difficult to read critically. Much like Goonies, Henson's Labyrinth's, a mix of wry comedy and innovatively designed ideas, put a loving trance on swaths of 20-40 year olds who happened to see it at the right time. Much like many of its ilk, I'm not sure it completely deserves all the accolades it gets from its fanboys/girls. However, it's still fantastical fun, even if its storytelling urgency is less than fully engulfing.It's a film more interested in incidents than plot (girl wishes brother would leave, goblins steal brother, sister has to get brother back). In that sense, and many others, it harkens Alice in Wonderland (my favorite Disney Animated film). It's an intensely imaginative movie that follows a bored young girl (played by Connelly with the charisma of a mannequin) as she encounters an adventure full of odd characters, winding streets, and inexplicable magic. The characters within the maze are fun and distinct, and Bowie matches the dark mystery of the story while keeping a childish wonder right below the surface.The difference between this and other kids-fantasy-adventures I REALLY love is hard to pinpoint. The design is outstanding, the humor is affable, the characters are surprising, and the scenes pop with surprise. Again, I can only assume my distance from this film during my early age keeps me at a slight distance. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable piece of 80s pop-culture that I'm shocked Tim Burton and Johnny Depp haven't ruined with a CG-covered remake. Give it time.

Deleted A (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies as a kid. Still holds up unlike some movies. *Sharkboy and Lavagirl*