The Grudge 3

The Grudge 3

Jake, the sole survivor of The Grudge 2 massacre, is tortured by chilling visions of Kayako and Toshio that have led to his hospitalization. Jake's caretaker, Dr. Sullivan is determined to investigate his horrifying tales. She explores his Chicago home, finding another family on the brink of succumbing to the curse. It becomes clear that Jake's terrifying stories are true, and a mysterious Japanese woman may be the only hope of banishing the spirits forever...unless her plan destroys them all.

A young Japanese woman, who is Kayako's sister, holds the key to stopping Kayako's curse. In this part of The Grudge, she travels to haunted Chicago apartment building to stop the curse of Kayako once and for all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Grudge 3 torrent reviews

Zach M (de) wrote: This was a bit less impressive than other DC animted movies, especially because the source material is beautifully drawn by Jim Lee and this film is not.It was still enjoyable but the art style just didn't cut it.Small changes made but still fun.

Surajit Kumar M (au) wrote: Fun and time pass. Especially Varun Sharma's (Choocha) character. The factor that drives the movie and Richa Chadhha (bhooli panjaban).

Cole B (br) wrote: An absolutely gorgeous film

Gina W (mx) wrote: It's difficult to watch but this film is unflinchingly honest in dealing with all ramifications of grief.

Roxanne R (gb) wrote: OMG WHAT AN EYE OPENER!! I live in TN which borders the state of Mississippi (MS) and although I have heard many negative things about MS, you don't really understand it until you watch documentaries like this one that expose the cold, hard truth about pervasive prejudice, discrimination, fear and ignorance among the residents of Mississippi. It is a compelling and sad story of the gay MS residents that find solace at the only gay bar in town and have to endure ridicule, tauntings, and violence as shown when a young gay man was murdered by some vicious residents. Seeing how many of the residents live and work in a stagnant city devoid of a future is enough to make some people mad. As I watched this documentary I kept on thinking why don't they MOVE, MOVE away to a more liberal or understanding state like NY, VA, FL...oh God you will see some footage that will sadden you, or anger you but the fact remains that Malcolm Ingram did a phenomenal job of showing you the struggles of two Mississippi gay bars and its patrons that find understanding, friendship and solidarity inside the bars. Highly recommended! Two thumbs way up!

Robert D (br) wrote: just didnt do good for more. cuba gooding jr. put on a great performance though

Brandon M (ca) wrote: Funny...but still a horrible movie.

john p (mx) wrote: Excellent film. It is actually 2 stories involving the lead character. The stories are well told, with one exception. the two stories are separated, there are bits and pieces that are left out, that would have made the story more understandable. It is a love story and a ghost story The question is who is the beast and who is the human?

Erica A (kr) wrote: ? la fedelt la vera utopia.

dan b (jp) wrote: Another Candy classic that i watch over and over, Raymond Burr is especially hilarious.

Shonn D (fr) wrote: great movie full of laughs a must see !

Ahmed T (it) wrote: ?????????????????????????????? ???? ?????

Gabriel L (jp) wrote: I will be honest, I tought this movie would be crap like all these other movies for little girls... and it was.

Gary W (ca) wrote: Very interesting take on an over-done genre. Unique and captivating.

Sonny P (ru) wrote: En skrckkomedi i min smak! =)