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A high school swim champion with a troubled past enrolls in the U.S. Coast Guard's 'A' School, where legendary rescue swimmer, Ben Randall teaches him some hard lessons about loss, love, and self-sacrifice.

Ben Randall, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer is asked to take a position as an instructor at the USCG training facility in Louisiana after his crew is died in a mission and his wife wants to divorce. Ben soon notices a guy named Jake who has unlimited potential with a troubled past. Trying to train Jake to become a rescue swimmer, Ben also teaches the young boy some lessons about love and life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monica J (au) wrote: Poor Lil' Tink Tink! The Struggle Is Real For This Guy. But He Gets It Figured Out!

Walt S (ca) wrote: That was two hours of my life, wasted, that I will never recover. It's the same stupid story that is told in most Owen Wilson films. Perhaps he can get together with Adam Sandler and they can generate a film with an actual NEGATIVE star rating?!?

Natalie T (us) wrote: After the first one is there really anything more they can do?

Jason M (nl) wrote: A maginificent erotic comedy. Bunuel directs with masterly assurance this icy comedy about a frigid housewife, Severine (Catherine Devenue) who goes to work at a Parisian brothel. Only here is she able to indulge in her masochistic desires by being forced to perform for her clientele. The sly joke is that her loving husband's patience and consideration is precisely NOT what she wants. She wants to keep her social respectability but needs the brothel as an outlet for her drives (Bunuel's point being the fairly well-worn one, even by that time, that bourgeois society has to suppress perversions and control female sexuality to maintain its power). What's amazing is Bunuel's "respectable" treatment of this material. His cool and discrete approach brillantly contrasts with the frustrated sexual lives and fantasies we see on the screen. Brief nudity, no explicit sexual scenes, everything is done through inference and association. And what associations! Bunuel's playful surrealism is in full force here - witness the mysterious box - and his cast brings this eroticized world to life (along with Deneuve, the best performance comes from Genevieve Page as the most refined house madam you'll ever see). "Belle de Jour" is masterful piece of latter-day surrealism: it's a wonderful demonstration of the emotional anarchy at the root of sexual longing and the particularly tortured outlets people use to satisfy their needs. And yet the whole enterprise is discreetly charming - it's light at heart. This has to be the most elegantly dirty movie ever made.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Good western with Randolph Scott playing the strong silent type as usual, and Claude Akins again delivering the bad-guy qoutient. Character revelations abound right to the end and this is ultimately what drives the plot.

Yuri Alexey P (es) wrote: While not a very intense film, Lady and the Tramp is one of those movies in which everything flows so naturally that you tend to forget about everything. Quite enjoyable :)

Andy F (fr) wrote: Lambasted by supposed critics, Laurel and Hardy's last movie is a charmer. The duo never lost their comic touch and though the funny moments are too thin, this is a much underrated film.