The Gumball Rally

The Gumball Rally

A group of people from different backgrounds have one thing in common: when they hear the world "gumball" whispered by one of the others, they know that it's time for the Gumball Rally: a no-holds barred, secret, winner-take-all rally across the USA.

When the code word "gumball" is passed by a rich young man, two housewives, two staid British gentlemen, one Italian lothario, one bug-eyed motorcyclist, a couple of Texans, an exotic model and other assorted types, they take part in a secret and illegal cross country road race. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Gumball Rally torrent reviews

lion o (br) wrote: very good film 8 out of 10

Adam R (fr) wrote: Bride of Chucky was a step-down, but this is flat out an embarrassment to the series. Completely idiotic. (First and only viewing - 12/15/2010)

Jonny B (es) wrote: I loved almost everything about this movie, it's a pleasant experience with loads of overlapping dialogue, witty dialogue, and warm characters. 'State and Main' has a cast that handles the dialogue well but I got the sense that Mamet was being a bit lazy in his chair, behind the monitor. There is a scene that was not cut, amazingly, where one of the actors just stands there with no direction then haphazardly, as if awaking from a long slumber, chimes in a one-liner. These problems are to be expected with Mamet whose writing is gold and directing rust. Trust Philip Seymour Hoffman to warm ones heart and very, very (cannot stress this enough), surprising that Mamet's muse Mrs. Pidgeon is sweet and loveable and not too esoteric and archaic in her acting methods. 'State and Main' is not a great movie by David Mamet's standards, but if I want to sit back and enjoy a comedy with clever commentary, dialogue to envy, and characters that I like, this light comedy is better than ninety-percent of the comedies produced today. And one quote to give an idea of what to expect: 'It's the truth that you should never trust anybody who wears a bow tie. Cravat's supposed to point down to accentuate the genitals. Why'd you wanna trust somebody whose tie points out to accentuate his ears?'

Darrin C (mx) wrote: This could've been better if the director didn't try so damn hard, but then again, Brits always try way too hard when coming to cinematography. Of course, the music sorta sucked, too. This film and story would've been way more awesome if it was made in 1974 America with Charles Bronson, Warren Oates, and Lee Van Cleef.

Anna Q (kr) wrote: I saw this. Don't remember much about it. I DO remember that the movie poster for this is in the episode where Buffy fights Angelus outside in the movie theater.

dean h (it) wrote: best part was him getting busted otherwise very dumb movie

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