The Gundown

The Gundown

Seeking revenge and justice, Cole Brandt finds himself in the lawless town of Dead River where he is faced with one last bloody showdown for freedom in order to protect The Majestic Saloon and a beautiful woman.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   gunfight,   horse,  

Seeking revenge and justice, Cole Brandt finds himself in the lawless town of Dead River where he is faced with one last bloody showdown for freedom in order to protect The Majestic Saloon and a beautiful woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean C (it) wrote: I'm not supposed to like this movie... with all of that said, I like this movie. Its clever, and is a fun and accurate play on the ridiculous beach party films of the 1960s. Its probably one of the best spoof movies I have seen, ashamed as I am to admit this.

John R (us) wrote: 120817: As with any ability, the more you practice, the better you get. I laughed out loud a lot during this movie. A very entertaining film even if it does suffer with the standard, often draining, moral of the story portion. Many laughs and a great lead into my weekend. Almost clicked four stars.

ers (ca) wrote: isvei filmi.. 8 ocuklu bir anne-baban?n hikayesi.. kad?n resmen ileke?, bir gn satmak iin evde bldu?u eski fotograf makinesinn fotografc?ya gtrr, sonra oradaki danimarkal? dul fotografc? beyefendi ile ruhani bir yak?nl?k kurar, as?l olarak da kendisini srekli aldatan ve genellikle ona kt davranan gl kuvvetli bir isveli olan e?i ile mcadele eder.. te yandan da cocuklar? byr vs.. gzel film.

Stephanie P (es) wrote: A low budget large snake movie you get what you expect. Though the graphics were good in some parts for the b-budget, the acting could be better. I wish there would have been more of a battle between species of snakes and out in the open , on the streets like the cover shows. I do like one scene where both snakes had to wait for a subway car to pass by as they glared at each other, waiting before attacking. The ending finishes too quickly and leaves us thinking of another sequel but not really.

Drew H (au) wrote: Fantastic screenplay, great performances.

Janine R (gb) wrote: Jammy Jam.....awesome PJ's, awesome soundtrack!

Rebecca R (br) wrote: It's kind of hard to know how to feel about this movie. There really is no paragon of virtue to cling to. Everybody has faults, most of them very serious.

Rebecca P (gb) wrote: That was weird. Without the edginess that made the weirdness work somehow.

bill s (au) wrote: All the kings army and all the kings men couldn't put this broken movie back together again.

S Hassan H (au) wrote: - ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ??????+ ?? ??????? ?? ?? ????? ????????- ?? ??????? ??+ ?? ??? ?? ????!- ????? ?? ??????+ ??? ??????? ????? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ??????- ???? ????? ?? ?? ????+ ??? ?? ???? ???? ????????? ?? ? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ????- ???? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?????????????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??????????!+ ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ????- ?? ?? ??? ??????? ????? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ???.????? ????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???????.?? ??? ??????

Barbara B (br) wrote: I'm the only one!!!!! lol!

Christine R (ru) wrote: Can't decide if I loved this one or just liked it. Some excellent performances by Vivian Leigh, Oscar Werner, Simone Signoret and a very nasty Jose Ferrer. Some good stories that intersect well on an ocean liner in 1930 leaving Mexico headed for Germany. Lots of illusions that show you these people had little idea what was going to happen in Germany. Interesting if not a bit heavy.

Private U (nl) wrote: 2nd best William Castle film.

Michael H (gb) wrote: Cary Grant and Irene Dunne team up again for another screwball comedy and while it's not quite as madcap or zany as "The Awful Truth," there's still a lot to recommend.On the day that Grant has Dunne's character declared dead due to a shipwreck at sea seven years before, Dunne returns just in time to throw Grant's new marriage and life into chaos. The result is some laugh out loud set pieces (Grant's reaction to seeing Dunne for the first time in seven years in an elevator had me chuckling out loud) and a lot of misunderstandings. But what makes the movie hold up while we're clearly meant to pull for Dunne and Grant to get back together, none of the obstacles put in their way (for her, Grant's new bride, for him, the man she was stranded on the island with who carries a torch for Dunne) are presented as being an out and out terrible person or choice. The movie ultimately falls down a bit in the third act when it feels like the reconciliation of our two romantic leads is pretty much a done deal.

Eric H (it) wrote: A completely inept teen-targeted slasher remake that's not brave enough to attempt to have an imagination - or even to show a puddle of blood.It's a no-brainer horror fans, save your money.

Caleb C (jp) wrote: It's basically a really well done Lifetime movie. Disturbing subjects at hand here but also handled very quietly with respects to real life. Kristen Stewart was flawless here and it almost felt like she was channeling personal experience here.All in all, this is the kind of film that kids should be shown at possible a jr. high or high school level as some what of a teaching tool for these subjects.

Aldo G (kr) wrote: Based on a play, the film feels stage-like as it's filmed almost entirely at a hotel the Humphrey Bogart character visits to meet the wdow and father of a slain army buddy. Bogart finds the hotel has been overrun by a small band of gansters lead by Edward G. Robinson. The film becomes a morality tale of good versus bad and heroism versus cowardice. For lovers of films of from era they will not be disappointed. And, if you're a Lauren Bacall fan, like I am, you will enjoy seeing her in an unglamorous role.