The Gunslingers

The Gunslingers

While roaming the wild plains on a quest to find a cache of hidden riches, sharp-shooting bounty hunter Butch (John Elliott) and his outlaw companions come across a deadly gang with supernatural powers in this stylized Western. As the hunt for the gold treasure becomes competitive -- and violent -- Butch, morally questionable Rattler Fenton (Brad Allen) and vengeful Akemi (Narisa Suzuki) must confront the evil and powerful Mondego (Ben Hall).

Butch is a bounty hunter who just wants to get paid an honest amount for an honest day's work; his chattel, morally corrupt Rattler Fenton just wants to cash in on his well hidden and - to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew L (br) wrote: What a way to end the trilogy by Alan Mak and Felix Chong. Lots of fine dark acting from greed to death. Lots of good & meaningful elements in this film with relationships & conflicts. Good photography, editing & sound. Great to hear the classic ?? song again

Pietje K (gb) wrote: Loved this movie...You could feel the pain as this mom struggles to come to terms with her family being different than expected.

Dillon K (mx) wrote: The Grandmaster is truly beautiful in all regards, aptly incorporating an elegant score and breathtaking cinematographic elements in this engaging, though perhaps redundant biop

Jenn T (nl) wrote: Just couldn't. Good cast though.

Apoorva G (au) wrote: was a flop but i like it

Chris S (gb) wrote: This is probably one of Spike Lee's overlooked and underrated films. It has a lot of recurring themes from other films by Spike Lee (racism, xenophobia, slavery, etc.) but it also deals with other issues such as homophobia and sexism like how the black women are not included in the Million Man March, only the men. I have always been a fan of road trip/journey films where most of the characters in the trip learn and develop, and this is a great example of one of those.

Randy T (gb) wrote: An unlikely love affair emerges between two serial killers, one is a thrill-seeking ex matador and the other a gorgeous and twisted defense attorney. To say that a Pedro Almodvar film revolves around an odd set of circumstances is like pointing out that Yul Brenner is bald or that Truman Capote was gay. It's just something that's understood. And true to his nature, Almodvar approaches this bizarre situation without judgment or preconception. Part of his genius lies in his assumption that audiences are basically intelligent and, when given enough information, are perfectly capable of drawing their own conclusions. Another perspicacious offering from the underrated Spanish master.

Julio C (de) wrote: Como en todo el cine de Almodvar, es una exploracin en las obsesiones del ser humano, y aqu nos narra la historia de dos personas que encuentran placer sexual en el asesinato, un tema poco correcto y muy interesante, como siempre ocurre tambi (C)n con sus pelculas. Memorables todas las actuaciones, y qu (C) chiquito se vea Banderas!

Adam L (nl) wrote: In the final portion of Lam Ching-ying's extensive career vampire combat became the late actor's namesake starting with the seminal "Mr. Vampire" which seemlessly branchs comedy, horror, and martial arts. In Cantonese vampires translate to "stiff corpses" and bounce on two feet with their arms extended in front of them lusting not for blood but human breathe (they're also blind). Potentional victims cup their mouths -- occasionally for extended periods of time -- to avoid detection. Taoists, armed with potions, scriptures, and other assorted dogmatic practices are seemingly the only humans that can stop them.

CJ C (es) wrote: Rabid Hippies, yes... Zombies, technically no. Unnecessary nudity too.

Marilee A (nl) wrote: This is back when Life Really Was a Beach ! This was the Beginning of a series of Beach Musicals that are Honest to Goodness Americana.You lose your self in Ridiculous Beach Fun that only the 60'scould provide, with Lovable Stupid Characters like the Lovebirds Frankie(Avalon) & Dolores(Annette Funicello) & Eric Von Zipper (Harvey Lembeck) who was suppose to be so menacing as a Gangster Hells Angels type.The Music was Great , there was so much Dancing & Fun going on,& it just gave you Smiles for Miles

Alex R (au) wrote: A pretty terrible movie. Most gags didn't raise a laugh, although the odd one landed. Pegg was good as ever but was let down by an absolutely terrible attempt at a comedy movie. The only saving grace for me was him and his dog Dennis, Robin Williams was perfect choice for the voice. I had wondered why I had never heard of this movie....then I watched it and fully understood why!!