The Gypsy Moths

The Gypsy Moths

Three skydivers and their travelling thrill show barnstorm through a small midwestern town one Fourth of July weekend.

Three skydivers and their travelling thrill show barnstorm through a small midwestern town one Fourth of July weekend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam S (ru) wrote: It lacks any sort of strong focus, and struggles as a result, but "Our Idiot Brother" is still a charming little film with plenty to offer.The story follows Ned, an organic farmer who gets arrested following an incident where he sells marijuana to a uniformed policeman. After his release, Ned is sent back to his family, where he proceeds to interfere with good intentions but quesitonable results in the lives of his 3 sisters - a motivated but struggling journalist, a mother and wife of a documentary maker, and a bisexual hipster stand-up comedian. Things, somewhat predictably, fail to go completely to plan.All 3 sister characters go through huge emotional distress in this film, and it makes the film a bit muddled and jumpy. But there's a bonus from the charm and charisma of the capable cast - led by Paul Rudd and including Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Coogan, Hugh Dancy and Rashida Jones. They react well together, and it makes the film that much more fun.So, it's a fun watch, but it's an openly flawed film regardless. 7/10.

Jake L (mx) wrote: A brilliant film. I really like the Professor Layton series, and this film was JUST as good as the games. The film is a bit dull to re-watch though.

Butoy L (ru) wrote: [N]ot an interesting movie. Full of inconsistencies and quite dragging.

Tyson P (au) wrote: some of the charcters were alright...specificallythe fat old lady but besides that it seemed lame. i'd say cheesy but sometimes cheesy is good....lame is never good

Stuart K (us) wrote: Hard to not see our family interest in movies while watching this. Well worth the trip to the library. Life, love and death in a another culture.

Steve S (ru) wrote: What an underrated horror movie! I like this one more than I should...

Ronald M (mx) wrote: This movie sucked ass. Olli's review is right on but left out that Christopher Walken high fives an alien with a blue vinyl face.

Sherry L (gb) wrote: Unusually dark and sinister for being a "family movie" but still it's quite good. *The story is about an orphan boy named Bosse (Nicholas Pickard) who lives with his mean uncle and aunt in Stockholm. One day he finds a bottle (with a spirit with long silver beard, in it!) and is brought to where the spirit says he belongs to; The Land of Faraway. Bosse gets to know that his real name is Mio, and he is son of the King of Faraway (Timothy Bottoms). The people of Land of Faraway has been waiting for countless years for Mio to come. Everybody knows that Mio is predestined to kill the evil Knight Katho (Christopher Lee) who terrorizes the country, kidnapping small children in the night, transforming them into crows and letting them fly around his castle. The only way to kill Katho is to stab him in the heart, with a sword of stone. To his company, Mio has his friend Yum Yum (Christian Bale, in one of his earliest roles) and his white horse Miramis.* Min Min Mio, is the movie adaptation of one of Sweden's most celebrated children's book authors; Astrid Lindgren. It's kind of odd if you ask me, that americans decided to make a movie adaptation of this, which in Sweden is considered one of her "weakest" stories and that's probably why the swedes never put it on the screen. There is something campy with fantasy movies from the 80s (The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, Labyrinth, ect.), which not necessarily makes them bad, but they can't compares to movies of today in the same genre, concerning special effects and so on. But then again, what beats a good story? But I must admit, that for being a fantasy movie from the 80s, this is really good! Much better than The Princess Bride, anyway ;) I used to like it a lot, when I was a kid (though it scared the hell out of me, and it took me about five attempts until I managed to watch it till finish!). I was learned that some bottles can contain spirits with long silvery beard, panpipes are exotic and Knight Katho is The Badass of all time!

Mack T (kr) wrote: Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) Finally, a Reagan movie that delivers ? not that he had much to do with it, of course. Bedtime for Bonzo is a refreshing film not created from loins of any other, but in fact a true original: A chimpanzee leads the cast through a plot where Darwinism isn?t mentioned once, and Charlton Heston never makes an appearance. Bonzo?s cast are by no means Neanderthals, though between Bonzo and Reagan, it is not always easy to decide who is playing the chimpanzee. But throw into the mix Walter Slezak, as a brilliantly caged scientist speckled with all the right humor, and you have an interesting 83 minutes of film on your hands. The female talent occasionally sputters, but the chemistry on film is strong enough to keep the audience tranquilized while the monkey runs loose. Though the plot is a bit bananas, it forms the core for the on-screen interactions to take place. If you consider the film?s design as a feel-good comedy, there is in fact very little to trip over: Bonzo elicits desirable laughs without a single cussword or resort to scatalogical humor. And even when the plot occasionally deadpans, eyes stayed glued to the screen as a chimpanzee fills in the daily role of an ordinary human being. Production-wise, the film?s cinematography is nothing to write home about, but then wasn?t exactly shot outdoors during a solar eclipse. On the remastered stock, the shots are crisp, clear, and framed well enough to get the job done. The film?s architect could cut some dialogue from some slightly bulky scenes, but otherwise Bonzo seems tuned to a pretty healthy blueprint. All in all, Bonzo is a well rounded package if you focus on its bright points ? and when you desire a brief hiatus from the typical Hollywood circus. Overall Rating: B-/C+

Bernadette H (us) wrote: This is the most beautiful film I have ever seen! It was funny, sad, and the acting was absolutely brilliant. I wish they made films like this today.

Lady D (ag) wrote: Recommended by James Kendal

Timm S (nl) wrote: It Ain't Over Till The Fat Man Sings. If You Can Get Through The 5-6 Musical Montages Then It's Not Too Bad.