The H-Man

The H-Man

Fallout from hydrogen bomb tests is turning people into blobs of oozing, radioactive green goop that travel through sewers and have a taste for human flesh, in "The H-Man" (1958). Kenji Sahara, Akihiko Hirata star.

When a narcotics deal goes sour and a suspect disappears, leaving only his clothes, Tokyo police question his wife and stake out the nightclub where she works. His disappearance stumps the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth D (au) wrote: Slow, but in a very purposeful and uncomfortable way, the spiral of mental problems portrayed powerfully by Shannon. Dark, hard to watch, smouldering. Good stuff.

Luigi E (jp) wrote: Funny, funny, funny and clever. Very good visual effects, costumes, and photography. Danny McBride is a genius.

Dean K (au) wrote: This is quite a good horror film that does borrow a lot from other films like Bloody Mary, Cabin Fever and a few others. It's a little slow to start and it won't please gore fans, but it was much better than I expected it to be.

James C (it) wrote: Two psychopathic children embark upon a kidnap and killing spree with their best friend, a ventriloquist dummy, as they travel to Las Vegas.This is an odd little black comedy that has some good ideas, but does get a little bit confused towards the end. The story at it's core is quite formulaic, but the addition of Dummy is a nice twist and definately leaves you wondering if things are quite what they seem. The comedy elements are good and black, and the young characters are quite refreshing and very well acted. As mentioned above, the ending is quite confusing and leaves you feeling that the events leading up to it have just been forgotten. This is in no way the best of example of the sub-genre of ventriloquist related horror movies, but it is quite polished and fun to watch.

Rod W (de) wrote: Excellent story. Highly recommended.

Dawn R (fr) wrote: Boring, not very well acted. Tragic subject, but not a very good movie.

Sabolcs E (it) wrote: Nagyon tetszett. Castro rendkvli szemlyisg, s igazn nagy letmvet vitt vgbe. Remlem nem fog az orszga nhny ven bell beolvadni a globalizldsba...

Matt R (ag) wrote: What a gross, weird movie; not my cup of tea.

Patrick N (au) wrote: Can a movie be pleasingly soporific ? If so, this is a case in point. Despite lapsing occasionally into didacticism, it possesses a slow-burn eloquence and grace. An elegy to fading aspirations and fading communities.

Hala B (br) wrote: But Steve Zahn you know.

Juho K (kr) wrote: Suureellinen sotakuvaus josta lytyy hienojen lentokohtausten lisksi joitain hienoja tilanteita. Roolihenkilt jvt kuitenkin niin etisiksi, ettei kehenkn pysty kunnolla samaistumaan.

forcebucket B (it) wrote: At it's time it was 5 stars. Now i grade on it's watchability rate. And 4 and a half stars aint too shabby.