The Hammer

The Hammer

Approaching forty, Ferro is unsatisfied with his life as a construction worker and part-time boxing instructor in Los Angeles, CA. After a successful bout with a young pro boxer, Ferro decides to don the gloves one last time. The movie recounts his unlikely quest for Olympic gold.

On his 40th birthday, chronic underachiever Jerry Ferro (Adam Carolla) loses his carpentry job and his girlfriend. Despite being out of shape, drinking too much, and scraping by working in construction, there is still chances for Ferro to come back to the ring and make his name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yannick D (au) wrote: A story about heroism that is so infatuated with its themes of sacrifice and the superficially created melodrama that it becomes hard for anyone to take all that seriously.

Jeremy C (br) wrote: An alright adaptation. But so slow and Emma Roberts doesn't really deliver a good performance.GRADE:B

Henry P (nl) wrote: Even if your not a Doll's fan this movie is worth watching.

Brandon K (it) wrote: anyone other than dane cook this movie would have sucked!

Ayu A (es) wrote: i've just watched last night. simply road movie and very touched. the best ever.

Steve W (ru) wrote: The New York Observer describes this as the Chinese "Gone With the Wind", and I'd have to agree. A sweeping dramatic epic about a family just trying to live peacefully, during all the political turmoil. Heartbreak and twists litter the film, with beautiful music and acting. Easily one of the better Zhang Yimou films.

Edith N (kr) wrote: Melodrama on the Great Plains I've read some Willa Cather, but it was not this and it was more than fifteen years ago now. There was a made-for-TV adaptation of the one I've seen, starring Neil Patrick Harris no less, but it doesn't appear to be available on DVD. Instead, we are starting the letter "O" with this. I cannot particularly speak to its accuracy to the book, and I don't remember the book I did read well enough to speak much to the similarity of style. However, I remember some about the feel of it, and I think they got that pretty well right. Oh, it's funny that the homestead is surrounded by corn when Our Heroine speaks so passionately about how hard it was to get the locals to grow wheat instead, but we manage. The point is that this is the great sweep of America, the lives of immigrants who came to the Midwest a century and a half ago and shaped Our American Heritage. Even if this isn't what Willa Cather is, it's what I remember Willa Cather to be. Alexandra Bergson (Jessica Lange) has been working on her family farm since she was Heather Graham. Her father (Cork Ramer) died, and because she was the oldest, he put her in charge. He said that Alexandra knew what he wanted, and she would do it. Her mother (Deborah May) made her promise that she would make sure her youngest brother, Emil (Daniel Franklin Hatch), makes something of himself. So he grows up to be Reed Diamond and goes away to college. As a boy, he is in love with Marie (Amanda White); Alexandra loves Carl Linstrum (Josh Hamilton). However, Marie grows up to be Anne Heche and married to a dour farmer, and Carl goes away and comes back as David Strathairn. Alexandra becomes the center of her small community, and she is as tied to the land as any of them. She grows alfalfa when no one else is; she grows wheat when everyone else is growing corn. And she thrives, for all it isn't a good time or place to be a strong and independent woman. Really, half or three-quarters of the cast is people you look at and think, "Wow, they were young." Even when they weren't--David Strathairn was forty-three. Anne Heche wasn't that far off from her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and subsequent meltdown. I don't know; maybe it's in part the film quality, which makes the whole thing look older than it is. However, it was also one of those productions full of minor but quality actors (and, you know, Anne Heche and Reed Diamond, who will always be Amy's Annoying Boyfriend from [i]Judging Amy[/i] to me), the kind of thing [i]Hallmark Hall of Fame[/i] used to do in the days before the Hallmark Channel. Back when they would take classic American literature and a handful of talented performers and make a made-for-TV-movie out of it that would, as I recall, generally air on a Sunday night. Probably after [i]Murder, She Wrote[/i]. I mean, I could be wrong, but I think this thing actually aired on network. Though probably CBS, which has long had an old feel itself. I'm not sure our nation has truly reconciled itself with how much of its heritage is urban. At the same time that this movie is set, my own ancestors, some of them, were living on Long Island. However, when we think of the People Who Built America, we generally think of more the kind of people out of Willa Cather than [i]Gangs of New York[/i], for all they are not at dissimilar times. Willa Cather herself grew up in Nebraska, and she was writing what she knew as so many young writers are instructed, rightly or wrongly, to do. She wrote about pioneers because she knew pioneers. She knew farms and farmers, people for whom the difference between clover and alfalfa hay was vital. As I recall, the book of hers that I read wasn't bad, but I suspect a lot of the reason our teacher thought it was worth reading in a college history class was a belief that we needed to know about the farms as Our American Heritage. Though we also read [i]The Jungle[/i] in that class, so. However, I have to say that I felt this movie was a little too full. I don't know; I haven't read the book. Come to that, I don't know how long the book is, so maybe some of the plot stuff I felt was glided over will be better expressed there. I don't know, for example, why Marie married her farmer. Maybe she was tired of waiting for Emil, but why Frank (Leigh Lawson)? Then, there's Ivar (Tom Aldredge). He seems harmless enough, so how on Earth did Alexandra's brother describe him to a doctor in such a way as to make that doctor think Ivar was potentially dangerous? Or is is intended to make us dislike doctors? (It's certainly true that psychology wasn't even in its infancy yet!) I suppose there's also the aspect that Willa Cather thought we'd all know just how much legal control Alexandra's brothers would have had over her, which is an awfully important aspect of the story toward the end, there. Still, it's not all that bad a movie for all that, and certainly I could see lots of ways for it to have been worse.

Lauri Ailane (jp) wrote: Even though I am all grown up now, I still enjoy this film. For being an 80's cartoon movie, it actually was well writen. It never gets old to me. My husband even enjoyed it and he is no Rainbow Brite fan. If you enjoyed the 80's cartoons, I reccomend this film.

Harpreet S (nl) wrote: Pretty alright film, but not like WOW, like other Godard films I seen. It does have something, that's why I would rate it somewhere between 3 and 3.5. The film does have some funny moments, second half of it is better, but overall, it's a boring film. Watch it once, because of Godard!

Allan C (it) wrote: Solid low budget noir about Ann Sheridan looking for her husband before the mob finds him after he witness a mob hit. Dennis O'Keefe plays a reporter who wants an exclusive on the story and offers to help Sheridan in exchange for that story. Nothing brilliant, but it was entertaining and never dull, though my enjoyment of the film may have been hampered some by the poor quality of the print I wanted on Amazon Instant since this is a film that's fallen into the public domain. I also noticed in the credits that Ross Hunter, who'd later go on to produced the classic Douglas Sirk melodramas "Magnificent Obsession." "Imitation of Life," "All that Heaven Allows" and others, is credited here as dialogue director, which I found interesting.

Bruno V (br) wrote: Fine enough one long if they not praying to much.

Nick C (nl) wrote: Testament Of Youth is a very impressive war film that is intense, well-shot, and beautiful! Don't miss out on this!

Dale R (ru) wrote: Don't believe any of the negative reviews on here : this is excellent from start to finish ; a taut tense thriller with naturalistic performances from all concerned. Recommended.

Dave M (au) wrote: I'm a Tarantino fan and a western fan, but I thought this movie was over-long, boring, and lacking in new ideas. (We've already seen a bloodbath in a room full of gang members in Reservoir Dogs.) QT seems to consider this as some sort of homage to classic westerns, except that classic westerns don't happen in a tiny room with a bunch of people talking each others' ears off. There is more dialog in 5 minutes of this movie than an entire Sergio Leone film. I know that's QT's thing, but it just didn't work for me here. As someone once said -- "If you're gonna shoot, SHOOT, don't talk."