The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

A gunfighter who survives his own hanging helps a young widow who is trying to keep a ruthless land baron from taking her ranch.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   haunting,   suicide,  

A gunfighter who survives his own hanging helps a young widow who is trying to keep a ruthless land baron from taking her ranch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inked D (br) wrote: A movie that really scares.

jnet s (es) wrote: a very realistic indie film

Angela W (ca) wrote: I give them credit for the stick figures, but the rest of the movie was nothing but the narcissist director/actor working out his own personal sexual and spiritual traumas.

Robyn M (au) wrote: Flash of Genius is the true story of the man who invented the intermittent wiper blade - only to see the Ford Mother company swipe the invention for their own benefit. But of course, this being a Hollywood film, the little guy fights back against the big, mean corporation, losing his family, wife, and sanity in the process. You can expect an ending that's triumphant, measuring it's unbalanced loss and gains.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: A few flaws but otherwise enjoyable movie, may be boring moments but only fleeting ones.

Shiloh P (nl) wrote: I have seen the film; The Flyboys. I have to own a copy and need to buy several copies for Christmas presents. I adore this film....This film Rocks!This is a must seem film. You will want to watch it again after watching it once! This movie is the best moive this year..go see it when is arrives in your nearest theater! Sincerely,Shiloh Painter

Griffin B (es) wrote: They made this movie already. It was called Manhunter. It was much better.

Ryan H (es) wrote: Solondz makes another film that's brilliant on many levels, but I didn't find everything as fresh as before. Some things felt like Solondz was doing them to make a point instead of making it that that's the way the characters would have reacted. For example, the scene when Scooby goes to the screening and sees the way everyone laughs at him. If I was in that audience hearing a kid being sincere when he says he wanted to be a talk show host, or he could settle as a director, I would feel something for him. He doesn't say it like some bumbling idiot. He's so sincere that it would be difficult to laugh at anything he says. Perhaps that's what Solondz is trying to say what his films are like; everyone finds themselves laughing at moments that they can't really explain why they're laughing. These characters are typically so honest and yet we still find ways to laugh at them. I also found Brady's story to not have much of a point other than to show that the documentary filmmaker, Toby, is missing the truly interesting story going on behind Scooby's family. But even so, it just didn't seem as connected or worth watching. It's hard to explain since Brady has one of my favorite scenes in the film, the spilling the grape juice and talking to Consuelo about rape. The title of the film really sets in that Solondz has said many things about storytelling in today's world. You can't make a little 10-year-old to be a truly terrible person. They get to be as bad as Buzz in Home Alone, but nothing seriously bad. Brady is truly a little shit. The film's separated into 2 sections, the first being nonfiction, the other being fiction. The first story's about a woman in college who wants to be a writer and she dates a guy with cerebral palsy. As what's noticeable about the second one, you probably haven't seen anyone have sex with a guy with cerebral palsy before, nor have you seen them break up and the other person say she was dating him hoping he would be different because of his disability. So what she ends up doing after the break up is has sex with her big black teacher and while he screws her, which was basically rape, he makes her say "fuck me hard, nigger." The whole scene's devastating and it ruins her emotionally so she writes a story about it. When she reads it in class everyone says she was being controversial for the sake of being controversial and it was filled with the Mandingo cliche. She cries to everyone, "but it's true!" I'm sure before this scene the audience would have said the same thing, but that moment makes them think. So the fiction segment seems to be a true story that's too controversial for the audience's taste, then you have the fiction segment where the documentary filmmaker can't pick up on the world around him, so he might as well be making fiction. Scooby has gay friends that are giving him blowjobs, his parents love his middle brother the best, the youngest brother's a little shit, and the middle brother goes into a coma. What does Toby continue making? A documentary about SAT's and his family that wants to see how successful Scooby can be even though he seems like all he wants to do is be famous. He does all of this without a true message. It's all lost on Toby, but he releases it hoping he will find something in the audience's reaction. It was a pretty good film with tons of messages underneath, but I wasn't as interested the whole time as I was with Happiness or Welcome to the Dollhouse. But Solondz is a brilliant man, there's no doubt about that.

Tim R (jp) wrote: Go watch this movie for the excellent performances and enjoy it!

Manny C (nl) wrote: In Woody Allen's Radio Days, Allen deftly drew upon his own childhood growing up in Queens, New York in the 1940's, a time when families all over gathered around a box to listen to music, comedy and the news. In this magnificently moving memory piece, British writer and director Terence Davies uses radio to make a statement on his Liverpool upbringing in the 40's and 50's. Davies' film is a Dickensian portrait of a working-class family raised under the harsh ways of a cold and distant father (the late great Peter Postlethwaite). For this family, radio, specifically, the music blaring from it, was a necessity in addition to a diversion. Through the songs they could express feelings they couldn't articulate in words.The film opens in the fifties, after the father has passed away, and his wife (Freda Dowie) and their grown children (Dean Williams, Angela Walsh and Lorraine Ashbourne) recall the effects he had on all of them. In flashback we see first hand his cruel acts, but the rage has receded with the passage of time. The music remain as immediate as ever, sung by folks who sing them every chance they get. The songs, mostly romantic pop like 'I Wanna Be Around To Pick Up The Pieces' and 'Love Is A Many Splendored Thing' all relate stories of passion found and unfortunately lost. Davies captures all of that in the faces of his actors. It's a devastating effect. Davies delivers on a warm, wonderful mix of humor and heartbreak.

Sarah F (nl) wrote: i would like to see this

Brad S (de) wrote: Classic film from Robert Altman that I had been meaning to watch for over a decade, I'm glad I waited as the Criterion Collection blu-ray is outstanding. The really is a monumental film that influenced many films that followed it, covering both politics and music.. There's a really large cast, and Altman does a masterful job following all the stories and keeping everything cohesive. A MUST for film lovers.

Drew A (nl) wrote: Rob Steiger, who would have thought?

Ilan C (kr) wrote: wild comedy. released in 1941 and still has original refreshing ideas.. well that's probably because this IS the original.

Matt C (au) wrote: This movie is bat shit crazy. pink flamingos on steroids.

Dane W (fr) wrote: Better than the other two, the third installment is much more looming and maturing. This is easily the best in the series with vivid story telling.

Kristopher B (fr) wrote: The first two acts feel like the other half dozen will-they-won't-they 21st century independent romantic almost-comedies (not a condemnation, by the way) that I've seen, but Brie and Sudeikis might make you happy that you sat through the whole thing.