The Happiest Girl in the World

The Happiest Girl in the World

Delia, a young Romanian girl, comes to Bucharest with her parents to collect a prize she has won in a contest organized by a soft-drinks company. The prize is a beautiful new car. All Delia has to do now is appear in front of the camera in a commercial. All goes well until it becomes clear that Delia and her parents have very different ideas about what to do with the new car. Meanwhile, the contest's sponsor needs a radiant prize-winner with a gleaming smile. A wicked satire and a psychological portrait of a society perverted by its slavery to capitalism and consumerism

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steve p (jp) wrote: great twist, ok film overall.

Brian P (au) wrote: Manamana dodododo! LOL!

Mark E (ru) wrote: Fantastic, intriguing character study... sincere and authentic. An excellent film.

bill s (gb) wrote: I was surprised Hathaway held her own opposite Streep but she does in this witty dark comedy.

Lucas Lima B (br) wrote: Muito Engraado,Violento,Sexo E Possui Uma Mensagem Interessante

Conrad T (jp) wrote: 1/2 a star Despite it is based on a true story, too predictable.

Alex G (es) wrote: I had a few problems with the cinematography and plot of this movie, but overall I thought it was a decent film.

Carl M (br) wrote: Two competing collectors that specializes in human oddities are at war with each other over a freakish new find that they each wish to add to their collection, but they'll have more to fear than each others' inflated egos when their misshapen mutant merchandise awakens the other creatures on the shelf to launch an attack on their eccentric owners. Charles Band returns with another goofy creature feature that takes the absurd camp comedy to a whole other dimension. HIDEOUS is filled with outrageously over the top performances from Michael Citriniti, Mel Johnson Jr., and Tracie May, who play into the silliness of the plot and bring Benjamin Carr's twisted humor to life. The creature designs and special effects are on par with most other Full Moon features of the 90's, with few scares and very little gore. Band sets the mood with a creepy castle that is filled with trap doors, booby traps, and of course, half-naked evil assistants in monkey masks. HIDEOUS is goofy entertainment from beginning to end, and a fun find for B-movie fans. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Joshua L (de) wrote: Not as good as it should've been but it's surprisingly funny.

Sukhitha J (de) wrote: What a great movie. Wish I could do a lengthy review. The main 'villain' of the movie, Bruno is, if he is not crazy, probably the most vile version of evil incarnate I've seen on cinema. The Joker could've learned a few things from him.

Julie F (ag) wrote: My granddaughter preformed The Bluebird in school, loves to singing. Wanted her see movie since one I grew up with and have fond memories of.

Mitch C (us) wrote: I enjoyed every minute. Good performances by Kim Basinger and Jason Statham. Statham really makes the movie.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Deeply boring and stupid direct to video entry in a franchise that now bears almost no resemblance to the world of Clive Barker's original short story The Hellbound Heart.

katsist (es) wrote: Perfectly shot and the action scenes were awesome. Incest was a little much though.


Lee H (gb) wrote: Lots of funny moments and a soppy love story. More of a older children's film but good for the whole family. Nearly all the animals in the film were real but CGI for their lips so it is as realistic as it can be for talking animals.