The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs

The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs

Happy Cricket wants to launch a CD and opens a school of music for needy children. Big T, a toad leader of a rap group, also wants to launch a CD to improve his life. However, Petal, a beautiful cricket singer appears and becomes Happy Cricket's beloved and pivot of a musical dispute between Happy Cricket and Big T. They also have to face great adventures against Trambika, the villain who wants to copy and sell their songs illegally.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:adventurer,  

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The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs torrent reviews

Daniel D (it) wrote: Super Size Me director shows us the absurdity of image and its importance in contemporary society. Unfortunately, it is good but not as profound as his previous work.

doris c (kr) wrote: great story line....

Giorgos T (us) wrote: Excellent cast, dark music and brilliant direction. Jarmusch at his best.

Claire C (us) wrote: So good. I cried a lot!

Ian B (au) wrote: Jack Black does what he does best: He Rocks!

Alex V (fr) wrote: The tone is really dark pour moi.

Diane H (es) wrote: A great movie, the kind you pull out and watch at least once a year. Great acting, complicated plot and characters - realistic.

Benny B (us) wrote: Dario Argento proclaims this to be his worst film. But in fact, he's damn well has done a hell of a lot worse. It may not be as distinguished, or as memorable as his others, but 'The Cat o' Nine Tails' is actually a pretty good and solid 'gialli'.. aside from the ludicrous plot elements (as always with 'giallo').

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: First one needs to get over the fact that this steals from a number of other, and yes better, sources. That said and taken on its own merit then - don't look too closely - and this doesn't completely suck. Not totally. Christian Bale grounds the thing, such as it is, but you could make a drinking game over all the loose ends and plot holes. It's only a movie.

Cameron H (ag) wrote: Tony Stark / Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) seems to be the film's representative of its stance on Hollywood comic book films: Cocksure and trope-heavy, but why do you care? Let's just have some fun, with some unashamed disregard towards personal responsibility along the way. My favourite moral: So long as people's natural rights are not violated, greed is good!

James B (ru) wrote: so i think i am going to add ALS to the list of the most messed up diseases i terrified of. Hillary swank is amazing in this film, that had to be one of the hardest things to act out. i was extremely impressed from an acting point of view (the cast did very well, with maybe the exception of the husband who seemed to be lacking), but the story was kind of generic in a sense that, it plays out like every other disease movie(more or less). if you decide to watch it, make sure you grab some tissues, it is a tear jerker to the extreme.

Jennifer B (jp) wrote: So incredibly boring.

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