The Hard Road

The Hard Road

A cautionary tale. At 17, Sherman Oaks high schooler Pam Banner has a baby out of wedlock. The baby is adopted, but Pam's too embarrassed to go back to school, so her dad gets her a job as the receptionist for a talent agent. A rock star takes her to a party, seduces and abandons her; that starts a spiral of partying, free love, and drug use. Pam becomes friends with Jeannie, a hooker who supports Jimmy, a useless druggie. Soon the three of them are living together, and Jimmy seems appealing to Pam. She's missing work more and more often, Jeannie wants out of the life, Jimmy is going through withdrawal, and Pam is in the middle of a maelstrom. Is there any exit for Pam?

A cautionary tale. At 17, Sherman Oaks high schooler Pam Banner has a baby out of wedlock. The baby is adopted, but Pam's too embarrassed to go back to school, so her dad gets her a job as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (fr) wrote: descent late career western from Wayne even though itrs kinda like his superior 'red river'

Stephen C (ru) wrote: If like me you still think Woody Allen is a a great filmaker then their is plenty here to enjoy as this 3 hour documentary follows himfrom hick young standup to one of the last true Autuers working in the Hollywood system.The biggest shock here is Woody seems happy to be interviewd about his work for once as he has been known to disregard even his greatest films such as Annie Hall and Crimes and Midemeanours.What we get is a profile of a man who can be very very funny and yet create great drama at the same time.Director Robert B weide adresses the old "I liked his earlier Funny films " debate that always gets fished out i personally think this debate is redunant considering Broadwya Danny Rose and Midnight In Paris are just some of the films he made post funny .The Mia Farrow story is covered and Allen is brutally honests about his treatment at the hands of the press during that difficult time.Weide fills the films with plenty of actors and directors paying tribute to the man and it made me want to go out and watch all of his films again.

Deadly V (ca) wrote: Impressive and Enormously Entertaining!

Adrian L (ag) wrote: Terrible, awful acting.

Michael H (nl) wrote: Very good but probably the worst in a brilliant series. Bill Nighy, Steven MacKintosh and Michael Sheen make this one worth watching, and it's good to see the series looking back to how the vampire/lycan wars started.

Phillie E (jp) wrote: I'll take Home Alone 2 over this any day.

Patrick S (us) wrote: Even-paced but stupid actionneer despite the presence of 24's Aaron Pierce as a billionaire jerk.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: Rain Man is still a very well made film, that does deserve an Oscar only due to the fact of how well Hoffman's performance is handled. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise which is not a bad thing, he is just comfortable as himself. Besides the acting the story has a feel good kind of storyline, about a yuppie finding out that he has an autistic brother that he never knew about. The two become closer through the film, but by the end it feels like everything will go back to normal, Hoffman is taken back to his home and Cruise is back on his feet enough to continue in his sleazy car saleman way. Not trying to knock Rain Man at all, but I expect more from the rest of the cast except Hoffman.

Grant S (es) wrote: Sweet little story.The story of a 16-year old orphaned girl, Lili (played by Leslie Caron), who, after main trials and tribulations, gets a job in a carnival as a puppeteer's assistant. The story of misplaced love, unrequited love, innocence and innocence lost.Very moving story. Leslie Caron is wonderful as Lili and Mel Ferrer puts in a solid performance as Paul, the puppeteer. On the negative side, it is over far too quickly. Not just because it is so good and you want more, but it felt like some more detail was required. It just seems to move so fast - some time to stop, take a breath and contemplate was in order.

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Damjan R (ca) wrote: Interesting in terms of character exploration and aided by the direction which allows everyone to show kind of what they are about. Seeing Arnold pre-fame gives an indication of his savvy and a certain performers instinct which he later showed in his lengthy career. It does take some time to really find its way in terms of story, but once it does, I would have liked to see even more. Recommended for everyone who couldn't figure how Arnold grew into such a star.

Steve D (mx) wrote: I am not a fan of this kind of music but it was still good

Jong C (br) wrote: Worth seeing? only if you're like me a fan of the original cartoon series that aired in the 70's. if not, skip this. while I enjoyed this little homage to the original cartoon, I would have been bored to tears without the geek factor.