The Harvest

The Harvest

Maryann moves in with her grandparents after she's orphaned. Desperately lonely, she sets out to befriend a neighboring deathly ill, bed-ridden boy, despite the outright disapproval of his mother. Maryann's persistence pays off, however, and during a series of secret visits she gradually uncovers some seriously sinister goings-on in the house.

Katherine and Richard live with their ill son in a remote location. Everyhing is under their control until Maryann comes. She usually visits them and accidentally discovers their horrifying secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nikki W (br) wrote: Loved this movie! It had a great twist to what one might be expecting, the Director and Cast did a phenomenal job! I can't wait to see this movie again, and see what comes next from this Director and Cast! xoxoxox Watch it!

Harry W (mx) wrote: The three guys by themselves, just sitting there, would have made a great movie. The film making, however, makes it a masterpiece.

adam u (us) wrote: suprisingly a wonderful western, great acting and very believeable storyline

Private U (ag) wrote: beautifully filmed, but slightly unsatisfactorily (if pleasingly unconventionally) plotted Korean film about a gay love affair that stretches across various boundaries of class and obligation. highly recommended, for its cinematography and refusal to conform to the stereotypical 'gay film' genre.

Ryan B (kr) wrote: If this had been my first time watching this, it would've made me laugh my a** off but I have now seen it about 5-6 times and you know what that means.....yes it's a good movie, I could watch it over and over. The plot is very simple, the acting was a little better than average and it had lots of laughs. It's a movie based on sex so your gonna expect a lot of sexual references. I'm kind of a big fan of Dane Cook so I easily enjoyed it. Highly recommended

James H (it) wrote: Tastefully done and professionally made. The performances are quite good, as is the score. The characters develop well and you feel for them, Good direction.

Pierric T (gb) wrote: Appalling disguised unfair trade practices! Does this look alright? More movies like this would put a brighter light on the gey areas in the picture of globalization!

DESIREE (fr) wrote: good and funny tht one lady was undeadable

Private U (ca) wrote: Great Dutch child movie with an amazing actress.

Augusto B (br) wrote: Buenisimo thriller frances

Dan C (us) wrote: I've decided to keep track of all the "new to me" flicks I watch in 2012, starting with Highway. It's not bad for a sex and drug-fueled road movie starring Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Selma Blair. It's not phenomenal, though, either.

David B (gb) wrote: out of all the films about the working class North in the 80s and 90s this is the best, fantastic acting from everyone, especially Stephen Tompkinson and Pete Postlethwaite and magnicent music as provided by the Grimethorpe Colliery Band. This is a great film and you should go buy the DVD this minute

Jens T (gb) wrote: Clint Eastwood's White Hunter Black Heart is the story set in the fifties, about the american director John Wilson (Eastwood) who is of to Congo to film his newest film, the producers are worried that we will do some thing stupid, like he regularly does, because of his hate against the Hollywood studious. Real location sets was still very unusual in Hollywood. But Wilson has other things in mind then just making a picture, he also wants to shoot an elephant, some thing his actually more obsessed with than making the movie. The main character John Wilson is actually based on director John Huston and his making of the African Queen. After my opinion the movie itself is more or less what you can expect from an Eastwood flick, the rough, stubborn and honest guy beating up the bad guys and standing up for the weakest. The problem is that it's nothing else to see or hear than Eastwood himself. He certainly have more lines than his five last movie combined. But still I gonna give this film a thumbs up, because it's an all right average Eastwood film, and he did the best he can.

Spiros K (fr) wrote: Bizarre and with a magic change of scenery and people positioning. But it tries too much to shock and ultimately fails miserably at it, being perceived mostly as a low-budget joke. The director is promising though. Hope he did better than that.

Amanda H (kr) wrote: This is pretty much exactly what I expected- cheesy, pre-Buffy teen vampire comedy. But I love Robert Sean Leonard, so this was definitely worth sitting through. It's nothing I haven't seen a million times, and the cheese is overpowering, but it's fun anyway.

Gabriel C (es) wrote: WarGames is a tense, fast-paced 80s classic with a starmaking performance from pre-Ferris Matthew Broderick.

Knox M (nl) wrote: A visually stunning movie, Tron is a technological breakthrough.

Kristin S (de) wrote: The best movie about junkes I've ever seen! Fascinating and so true! Usually in movies like this actors still look beautiful even if they play people with deep addiction. In this movie you'll see dirty hair and nails and skinny bodies. Wonderful actors and soundtrack.

Alec L (us) wrote: Catch-22's brand of satire just doesn't translate well to the cinema. Boasting a multitude of perhaps too committed performances, this film is disjointed and fails to make much of an impact on the viewer beyond a sense of displacement. Though excellently shot, Catch-22 features too much dialogue and often times comes off as pretentious or downright disingenuous.

Loren R (ca) wrote: In diesem Stck der Geschichte, geht es um einen jungen Kaplan, der in einer Vorstadtgemeinde, den Dienst antritt. Mit seiner neumodischen Ideen und frischen Art, kommt er anfangs nicht unbedingt gut an, beim mrrischen Kaplan Fitzgibbon. Doch schon bald nimmt die Gemeinde den jungen Kaplan wahr und besuchen auch wieder die Kirche. Selbst eine junge Teenager Clique kommen zur Kirche und singen sogar im Kirchenchor mit.Die Geschichte ist eigentlich simple gestrickt. Und da die Amerikaner sowieso die Religion hochpreisen und sehr glubig sind, hatte der Film guten Erfolg gehabt. Und da es noch gegen Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges abspielt, sind die Amerikaner eher noch glubiger gewesen.Der Film gewann im Jahre 1945 sieben Oscars. Einer fr den jungen Kaplan, Bing Crosby, der nicht nur predigen kann, sondern auch noch dabei singt. Barry Fitzgerald bekam einen Oscar fr den besten Nebendarsteller. Wie er den veralteten Kaplan mimt, ist einfach gttlich. Regisseur Leo McCarey bekam gleich zwei Oscars. Fr die beste Regie und zustzlich fr die beste Geschichte. Auch fr das beste Drehbuch bekam man den Preis. Weil es schon, wie gesagt, dieser Film im Krieg spielt, war der Oscar fr den besten Film schon gesichert. Weil man dabei noch gesungen wurde und recht tiefgrndige Texte gab, gab es einen Oscar noch, fr die beste Musik.Wie schon beschrieben, ist dieser Film, eine einfache Geschichte. Weil diese Zeit ein dunkles Kapitel der Geschichte war, durfte man den Glauben nicht verlieren. Da wird die Geschichte perfekt, wenn ein junger Kaplan die Kirche bernimmt und den Leuten wieder Hoffnungen macht.Fazit: Es ist eine schne Story, wie es im Leben wirklich gibt. Nur das mit der Religion und Kirche, halte ich es fr berflssig!