The Hatchet Man

The Hatchet Man

When he's forced to kill his best friend, a Chinese hit man adopts the man's daughter.

San Francisco Tong hatchet man Wong must execute his boyhood friend Sun. Sun knew his time was up and wrote out his will just prior to Wong showing up at his door. When Sun realizes Wong is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert P (mx) wrote: Just plain awful! I loved the HG Lewis original and the remake with Robert England was a very good film, but this is just awful! I really can't think of anything enjoyable with this film. They even managed to get the whole concept wrong (taking the vilage on tour?) The whole cast is just plain rotten. Even Bill Moseley looks bored shitless through most of this film. The lighting is wrong, the sound levels are all over the place, the effects are poor...I could go on. And as for the group of 'teenagers', the less said the better. Not a single one of them (bar the two blonds) are believable in their roles and if they really don't get along, then why go out on the road in a tiny camper van (9 kids in that small thing?) Bar far one of the worst films I've ever seen. I can easily see why Robert England was 'busy' when this was filmed and couldn't be in it...he probably read the script lol!!!

Steve B (ag) wrote: Excellent movie if you loved the sounds of the eighties bands such as New Order and Joy Division. This movie shows the roots of punk rock and new wave.

Cliff M (es) wrote: If Marvel ever need a Dr Doom, John Malkovich's superior, self serving egomaniac character would fit the bill perfectly. Good action movie.

Nathan S (gb) wrote: Corny and predictable. I love it. ??

Shawn W (fr) wrote: Banned in the UK way back but seemed relatively tame after I just watched Saw. A disturbed priest throws a 25th birthday party with corpses as guests for a woman and her twin sister who suffers from a disfiguring virus and holds childhood grudges.

Kristina K (de) wrote: Very awkward, very funny, very realistic.

Caleb R (gb) wrote: Imagine, if you will, that The Naked Gun, Hot Fuzz and the first part of Full Metal Jacket were rolled into a single film. Then, after that, all of the charm, great characters, well written humor and general fun was stripped from that movie. That is Police Academy in the nutshell.