The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion

Workaholic Jim Evers and his wife/business partner, Sara get a call one night from mansion owner, Edward Gracey wants to sell his house. Once the Evers family arrive at the mansion a butler takes them to dine with Gracey. Gracey takes one look at Sara and he thinks she's his lost lover.

After a late night call from a mansion owner, realtor Jim Evers and his wife, Sara, and their two children pay a visit to the mansion in hope of a good deal, and soon discover that mansion is haunted, and while they attempt to escape, Jim learns an important lesson about the family he has neglected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan F (gb) wrote: The jokes are obvious and can see a mile away. This is a film where the characters aren't outrageous enough to be entertaining or realistic enough to empathize with.

Justin S (jp) wrote: Tense and visceral, The Rover benefits from mesmerizing cinematography and a memorable performance from Guy Pearce.

Burl T (au) wrote: I love football movies! I was going through the channel guide and noticed this movie coming on, so I had to watch it, good or bad. I was never aware of this movie when it was originally released for whatever reason. Now after watching it, I can say it was a very worthwhile watch. I can appreciate the movie more knowing it was based on a true story.

Sarah L (br) wrote: I didn't really enjoy this film as it lacked scare power. The only thing I did enjoy about it was that the characters went psycho and kinda killed the none psycho characters. Other than that it was a heap of garbage.

Wayne S (gb) wrote: A sentimental journey about it never being too late to change, family relationships and growing old.

Alberto G (fr) wrote: This movie stands in the same category of others like In the Valley of Elah, The Kingdom and Fair Game. It's one of those movies that show an undeniable truth: not everything is true and good with the American government. Sometimes is the critics that bash these movies, but most of the times, it's the audience that turns away, I guess in a state of denial of this kind of allegations.Regardless of all that, this is a very well made film. Meryl Streep role is very small, but what she lacks in screen time, she gains in pure stone cold bitchiness. For every fictitious story like this, there are thousands of real situations around the globe that we will never know about. That's why I don't believe in phrases like "the greater good". It's either good or not.

Apurou J (ru) wrote: Best Film of 2007. A very poignant story of healing and the scars of history.

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