The Haunted Palace

The Haunted Palace

A warlock burned at the stake comes back and takes over the body of his great grandson to take his revenge on the descendents of the villages that burned him.

Joseph Curwen is suspected to be a warlock due to the strange phenomena surrounding his palace and is burned by the townspeople. 110 years later, his great-great grandson, Charles Dexter Ward, arrives there to take up the house he inherited then Charles is ostensibly controlled by the spirit of his ancestor for revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob L (nl) wrote: I thought better than original.

Zenia M (es) wrote: So this is where the actor Kyle XY came from.

Nuair Z (ag) wrote: One of the best comedy thriller ever made

William R (fr) wrote: Jason Reitman once again delivers a typical satire piece that looks at both the good and evil of corporation and moral organizations in the world of spin.

Brian S (kr) wrote: I don't think anyone could ever complain that there ain't enough gore in this movie. Heads exploding, eyes being ripped off, organs and blood spraying on the walls, this is one hell of a violent, yet funny little guilty pleasure, which reminds me a lot of Kevin Bacon's Tremors (1990). The actors are alright and the special effects are pretty campy, which also reminds me of Evil Dead 2 (1987). It's a good old fashioned survival, desert, gore film. Recommended !!

danah a (ru) wrote: it was nice but mary kate and ashley were wayy better! now they r all screwed up!

Alex K (fr) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Mike P (mx) wrote: In the words of the late Roger Ebert, "I hated this movie. Hated, hated, hated, hated, hated this movie."

Kartikey S (ca) wrote: One of the best films of the 90's. This is one of SRK's best. Way better than the crap he does these days (kank, cough cough). Believe me, you will enjoy it.

Jason D (ru) wrote: From what I remember, this early 90's film was a decent watch, about a renegade cop who joins even more renegade cops that dispatch brutal justice to the most violent of criminals in Los Angeles. The movie lives up to its name as it dishes out plenty of violence, but with some substance to the story, as well. Lou Diamond Phillips is always fun to watch, but the true star of the film is Scott Glenn who was a real treat to watch, especially towards the end when he is having his freakout. Pretty good movie.

Kevin L (es) wrote: The script is a bit dodgy and a few weird choices were made, but Pesci and Tomei play a fantastic chemistry, making My Cousin Vinny overall a funny and entertaining experience

Spencer S (es) wrote: A perfect portrait of Austin, Texas in the nineties, this film is full of vignettes of what it is like living out your twenties in that time period. It balances between being a love letter to Austin, and a diatribe about the collective characters that you meet when you're young. Linklater's films have often been heralded as centering on realism in contrast against the absurd. From the "Anti-Artist" in the bar scene to the conspiracy theorist in the book store, we've heard, and listened to, and felt exhausted by many of these same people in our lives. Though this film is nearly twenty-five years old, it feels just as relevant in today's times. Academia is always full of hotheads and passionate centenarians alike. This too is the world of liberal society, happy to philosophize about every aspect of life but intent on not living it. This film is funny, intellectually stimulating, and perversely amazing with its characters and cult following. A definitive piece of Linklater filmmaking and cultural iconoclast in the world of indie filmmaking, this is a must watch, in any case.

bill s (de) wrote: Beautiful and well acted drivel.

kim w (ca) wrote: BORN INNOCENT is a powerful film about a 14 year old girl played by LINDA BLAIR in her first post EXORCIST role, who becomes a ward of the state and is sent to a state run home for wayward girls. The state system is long gone but the emptiness and confusion demonstrated by the protagonist LINDA BLAIR as well as other inmates in the film is still a very real problem. It is definitely date but was seared in my brain for years to come. As a tv movie, it pushed the boundaries by showing a rape scene which is usually edited today.

Mikhail B (ca) wrote: Don't quite know how Colin Firth got into such a terribly cheap movie

Andrew C (gb) wrote: A fine example of an 80s sexy crime drama, which is to say, it looks a little dated in 2009. Mel, Kurt & Michelle all turn in good performances that preview their careers as passable actors with pretty faces but they are all outdone by the (now deceased) Raul Julia playing a delicious drug dealer. Not as up-tempo as you might hope (nothing much explodes) but enjoyable nonetheless. 4/24/9

Joan R (ru) wrote: Drags a little but good