The Havana: Cigar of Connoiseurs

The Havana: Cigar of Connoiseurs


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The Havana: Cigar of Connoiseurs torrent reviews

Karriem G (ag) wrote: Only saw the first 20 minutes, but this movie is so bad, that If I was Paid to watch it I'd still demand a refund.

Dave G (jp) wrote: A good documentary that breaks down why the economy is broken. Not as engaging as I would have hoped, it's still an entertaining and well done piece.

Paul S (it) wrote: I warm hearted disney film was many laughs. Sandler is his usual goofy self but is hilarious to go with it.

Courtland B (mx) wrote: Sleepwalking is a movie that was suggested to me by a good friend, i was afraid i wouldnt like it....i always hate the possibility of a friend talking about a movie and building it up and then you end up not liking it, the awkward silence that follows after you tell that friend or the bitter reply they may extent Anyways, i was surprised by this be honest i can understand the negative reviews but i feel that they may have gone in with the wrong perspective, i've always felt that film and any performance art be it visual or written can and should invoke any emotion...even the ones we dont like to feel for that i believe is a true achievement in itself. Sleepwalking is a film that starts out grim and doesnt really pick itself up, i'm saying this as a good one can describe this movie as anything other then outright reality so i can understand why people can hate it because a lot of people want a movie to make them happy....hence why comedy and action are top of the list for some, not true with me and while Sleepwalking isnt my favorite film and can completely appreciate the message it sent as well as the fact that it'll probably haunt me for years to come. The story is as i said before very grim, it starts out with arguing between a women named Joleen (Charlize Theron) and a police officer....after they exchange words the curtain is revealed that the women's husband was arrested for some at the time vague drug related charges and is probably going to jail for awhile and they're taking the house, we also find out she has a kid named Tara (AnnaSophia Robb) and the officer is trying to convince her to find a more stable environment for her daughter, of course she refuses and leaves with her daughter.....retreating to her brother who lives in the same town in an old beat up apartment on the back-end of some building....nothing too bright or even remotely happy about this situation so of course this movie reflects this well. i also notices this interesting way of an uneven "things are happening so fast its somewhat messy" i felt this was bad for the movie at first but then something clicked while watching this....nothing is ever easy when something like this happens its virtually always messy and unbelievably stress-full so i actually felt the movie was portrayed to keep us in the same uneven depressing situation that our characters are in, this of course doesnt work for A LOT of movies but i felt it worked well for sleepwalkings. we're then introduced to Tara, the daughter of Joleen and Niece of Joleen's brother James (Nick Stahl) who they are now moving in with and then the movie changes its pacing....what could possibly make this situation worse right? well unfortunately Joleen (Tara's Mom) decides to leave....tacklessly mailing a letter with money and a promise to return on Tara's Birthday, i had guessed that this promise wouldnt hold much water and needless to say i was right.....some people just dont know whats the most important thing in their life so thinking of no one other then herself she abandons her daughter and brother hoping to gain some sense of stability.... This film is hard to generalize i have to admit, sure it has some moments that i thought were oddly placed....but on the other hand they were in an odd and unpleasant situation if they're not uncomfortable then there is something wrong right? i mention this because of the scene found on the cover.....i found it really weird, almost off the movies tone and somewhat unwelcome but luckily it didnt last long. Then this movie after about an hour and twenty minutes (1 hour 40 minutes run time) finally reveals to us its true main character which is actually James (Stahl) unfortunately James is a guy who never stood up for himself.....constantly pushed around and takes crap everywhere he goes it makes you wonder how such a great guy who took both his sister and niece in and then after his sister left he took care of his niece.....he loses his job and apartment, some of the nicest most deserving people get the worst end of life.....sad but true, this was the Grim i was talking about earlier. eventually the two (Thats James and Tara) decide to go, because hes not legally her guardian so they cant stay in town....while on the road she asks him where they're gonna go, to his fathers farm he says...which is where the film expands even more in depth of character development. at his Father farm its revealed to us that his father looks a lot like Dennis Hopper (see what i did there) and is stern old man set in his ways that makes you think "its not actual cruelty its just an old timer with different ways.....well that thought i found to be dead wrong, he is infact a cruel heartless old man who without batting an eye smacked his granddaughter across the was this moment i realized something else of immense depth, this is our explanation for the ditch our leads are in...this man right her, he broke their spirit, James was broken because of him.....Joleen was rebellious, after discovering this i forgave Joleen for abandoning her daughter.....the way i saw it is they were all being broken down by this tyrant no matter how far away. I dont want to say anymore about the story at least not specifically, but i will say that It did have a scene where you wanted to something to happen....but unfortuantely the worst possible thing did, its in the spur of the moment when a lot of bad things happen...upon reflection later we say to ourselfs "worst way to handle a situation" while obviously we've never found ourselfs in the situation James ends up in but i'm sure you can all understand what i mean. The Cast was fantastic, after everyone i mentioned i forgot to mention Woody Harrelson....hes always a good actor no one can deny, this role is a very nice and welcoming mundane day to day guy whos a little bit of a wannabe womanizer but overall great guy. Dennis Hopper who is also a fantastic actor made sure you despised his character with the kind of relish you feel for the Fascist dictator Charlize Theron, AnnaSophia Robb, Nick Stahl do such an amazing job of bringing this film up.....i felt Genuine happyness by the end tears and all. I'll just close off with, i do not think this film deserved such immense negative seems to me that a lot of people who saw it didnt go in with the right mindset (and if i'm being even more assumptious) predetermined emotions they want to feel before they're enjoying a movie, but i'm sure there are people with the right mindset who went in are were displeased and probably make a good case....but This movie left a bitter-sweet after taste that i wont soon forget and that i will fully appreciate for years to come. P.S. i actually cant say this is a recommendation or a none recommendation review, more of a analysis of a film that was almost universally (and i feel wrongly) panned, go if you decide to watch it i hope you enjoy and if not i hope you can at least appreciate its extreme grasp of reality.

Dei B (br) wrote: To be honest watching this movie made me giddy,It had a great and cute ending.

Bryn D (ag) wrote: emotional story about the 1994 Rwandan genocide. pretty good. had to watch it for a class this summer.

Genea (au) wrote: If you have ever worked as a temp you will appreciate this movie! Wierd movie, but worth watching.

Tim K (ru) wrote: Subpar only to films Linklater himself later produces, this debut mirrors, similarly, the insane amount of talent/success that would possibly be attributed to Orson Welles' works, of which (ironically) Linklater himself directs in the 2000s.Slacker, however, is genuine and entertaining while remaining entirely nonlinear and unconventional. Waking Life is (arguably) its sequel.

Adam C (es) wrote: This movie shot Stallone into the movie industry.

Chris W (kr) wrote: Shortly after his iconic turn as Dracula, Bela Lugosi made this-the first ever zombie film. It's worth noting that this is also an independent film, not made by Universal or some other major studio. That's perhaps why this one seems to be overlooked more often than not. This is a zombie picture nothing like the kind made by Romero, and others following in his footsteps. Because of this, some viewers may find the film disappointing. I kinda liked it. Despite a short running time, it is rather slow, but the pace just adds to the atmosphere-which is done really well. Given the age of the film, it's surprising that there's some ambition here-especially with the camera work, which features cool and unique dissolves/transitions, framing through objects, and a long take (lasting several minutes) during a conversation that reveals important plot info. Despite its obscureness, the film does have an interesting legacy. Rob Zombie's band (before he went solo) took their name from this movies, which I think is just fine.