The Hearse

The Hearse

Jane Hardy moves into the house left to her by her deceased aunt. After moving in Jane is haunted by a hearse following her around.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   occult,   ghost,  

Jane Hardy decides to stay the summer in the house her aunt left her when she died, to try and recoup from a bad divorce. Little does she know, her aunt practiced witchcraft and is still ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Countess N (jp) wrote: A movie about two annoying little shits...i wanted to beat the crap out of them.

Greg S (de) wrote: A man wakes up to find himself locked in a concrete vault sealed with iron doors; he hopes the key to his escape lies inside the padlocked locker that (besides a dead rat) is the room's only furnishing. Mysterious and engaging, this CUBE variation could have been a minor classic if the writer had been able to come up with an ending.

Chris Z (mx) wrote: Not a polished film, has some ragged edges, but there is just so much excellence to love about this movie. Wyatt Cenac is exceptional, and the girl came into her own as well. Early on, I didn't care for her acting, but as her character changed, I felt it fit her personality better, and it worked a lot more. The premise is the morning after a drunken one-night stand, which is the vehicle for an exploration of race and class in SF, dating across races, and about the larger question of smart/educated late-twenty-somethings still lost and unsure in their lives, hence the medicine for melancholy title. It hits the melancholic mood and tone of the situation beautifully, the characters and story are handled with surprising maturity, and the complexity of emotions, particularly hers (but his too) is handled wonderfully.I had a hard time adjusting to the visual style of this movie, which was heavily desaturated (almost B&W) video. I thought the desaturated look worked, but the video work(technically) was really crummy looking, lots of clipped highlights which then looked like they were blown out on film on top of that, it's hard to say how this ended up printed. It also appears like the DVD is a transfer of 35mm, rather than a direct port of the digital source, and it looks really bad. It also seemed like it was filmed with pretty much natural light only, and it felt pretty rough. I'm sure this was super low-budget, but I would loved to have seen this look pulled off well, with better technique and equipment, because I think the bleak drab look, even with the kind of blinding and alienating blown out highlights could have been really interesting, but as it stands it looks more like a super low-budget shoot that makes the engineer in me cringe with almost every shot. I can only imagine what this would look like on a scope, it would be pretty hideous. :/

James H (kr) wrote: Bland and cheaply made, this thriller is not too thrilling. The acting is not particularly good, but it's biggest flaw is poor character development.

Brian P (ca) wrote: Quite a poor movie to say the least..... Certainly not worth the time to watch it.

Tania C (mx) wrote: alright movie i guess

terry a (jp) wrote: really want to see this movie again. i saw it years ago but i can't remember it.

Jorge C (mx) wrote: The French Revolution has never looked this glorious. The Gish sisters are outstanding, their on screen presence is unforgettable. This is my first D.W. Griffith movie, and so I have yet to go down the path of Birth of a Nation, I don't think I'm quite ready for that.. yet. That said, Griffith's love story in the time of one of the greatest revolutions (ever) is Epic in every sense of the word. It clocks in at two and a half hours long... this is a silent film that just skips by might I add. It's pace is amazing and the finally, the last 20 minutes or so will have you holding your breath, it's that kind of suspense, truly a miracle of it's time. Griffith was the Spielberg of his time, and yet I'm not to sure Spielberg could pull off such a feat!

Harrison W (jp) wrote: This movie was pretty dumb.

Ibraheem M (jp) wrote: This could be the best bike film made which succeeds as a sports drama and as a comedy, mixed with strong performances from the characters.

Carlos R (de) wrote: This is another movie focused on 3 characters, which is something I like, but I bet is hard to balance. Perfectly giving us each of their problems while focusing on the central story. Clint Eastwood directs Mystic River and it was in my opinion the beginning of him becoming the masterful director we know him as today. Emmy Rossum of my favorite TV show since LOST is in this film. I keep digging into the crates and finding fantastic movies, making me disappointed in myself for never having seen them earlier. Everyone in this ensemble is acting his or her ass off, including Tim Robbins. Tim's character had a tragedy happen to him as a youth and it has made him a little weird as an adult. The way they keep certain things from you and focus on his idiosyncrasies is a bit like Gone Girl, pointing you in an obvious direction. Before they reveal a twist that you couldn't see coming, though there are hints throughout the picture. Kevin Bacon is quoted as saying it was his favorite film he has ever worked on and Sean Penn's scenes had me on the verge of tears. Thank God for Clint Eastwood, who is sincerely focused on making great films and so often brings perfection to the screen. The scenes are a bit drawn out in this film, based on a book and the score is the perfect fit to that. The film was also scored by Eastwood! In the end you get a satisfying conclusion to this seemingly simple mystery the movie presented you in the beginning. The female characters are a bit off to me, yet they are both portrayed incredibly. & Even though the initial bit of Laura Linney's closing monologue is moving, the ends seems a tangled mess. So you wanted your husband to be a gangster? Regardless, the boys bring out the best in this movie

Lee R (de) wrote: "If you feel compelled to contribute to the pathetic, heartbreaking predictability of it all, by all means..."

Krystal J (mx) wrote: I can't watch anything it always said they is a problem and it will be fixed. And it never fixed.