The Heart of the Beast

The Heart of the Beast

His advanced studies in philosophy have caused Stephanos to view all people as his inferiors. When he is discharged from the -obligatory in Greece- army service, he thinks the world belongs to him. In reality all that does belong to him are debts left by his mother who has just died and rejection by his formerly devoted girlfriend. Nikos, an old high school classmate, reappears in his life.

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Perry W (fr) wrote: This movie gave really good insight into the lives of the White House butlers and their relationships with the POTUS.

Harriet O (nl) wrote: maybe on netflicks. The Dali mustache is just too much.

sana s (us) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Mario R (nl) wrote: one of the best Animated Films ever made

Mark Karl H (gb) wrote: Matthau and Jackson have a lot of fun in this Spy-comedy in which Matthau as a maverick CIA agent goes into deep cover and begins sending his overbearing boss Ned Beatty, chapters from his proposed memoir-expose of his life in the secret service. Glenda Jackson plays a former flame who he recruits to help him foil the CIA who are tracking him. A gently comic gem with some enjoyable pranks along the way.

Naoya K (de) wrote: Among great films that Arthur Penn directed, this one seems to be heavily overlooked, but I don't think this infers to even "Bonnie & Clyde" that much. I love the title, how well Hackman fits to the character, cinematography of night scenes, and bitter but very precise and strong ending. Penn's delicate directing is masterly.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good horror movie