The Helix... Loaded

The Helix... Loaded

When "The One" dies, Orpheum must find the "Other One." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric A (fr) wrote: I love the first Pumpkinhead movie from 1988 directed by Stan Winston. It's awesome.I figured these straight-to-DVD sequels would be beyond awful. So my expectations when renting this one were LOW. I just had to have me some more Pumpkinhead?Now, I didn't think this movie was BAD or anything. It was a hit miss. I liked the doctor, Ed Harley being back, and the unexpected (to me anyway) twist with one of the characters. But that character's actor couldn't act too well. He would be great for a stage play. He overacts, he's loud-ish, but it doesn't work in this movie.As for Pumpkinhead, it's a newer design (old one's better) and the PH puppet was okay, but the few CGI shots were just awful. Ew.The story was good. Not amazing, but it worked. Yeah, so not a great movie, but not bad. Just decent if you're a PH fan. 6/10

Ken D (jp) wrote: The lunatic Fred Phelps has way too much exposure. the one person was right, the one in the limo and only God will be judging them for what they did and not Fred Phelps. But I digress, I would've liked to have had more to go on and seen more things about the culture in the Bible Belt and I really felt bad for the kid that was murdered for being gay, but I really didn't get the sense of the people struggling as they said they were. Still a decent watch though.

grace g (it) wrote: Very good movie loved the music!

Petros T (nl) wrote: "Kontroll" is a pleasantly wacky film. It is set underground (in the Budapest metro) and that makes it pretty special - and it's not just a gimmick. Nimrd Antal makes excellent use of the subway system as well as the cast and delivers an exciting, varied little gem that meshes suspense, comedy, romance, mystery and drama very well. The finale is just beautiful and reveals an unadorned allegorical take on the film's underground setting which strikes as very resonant.

Thomas A (mx) wrote: I remember loving this movie around a decade ago... It is a sweet coming-of-age drama!

Kody S (ca) wrote: It's a touching film about a young boy who would follow his dreams and exeprience fixing mistakes and problems.

Eric P (es) wrote: What the hell did I just watch?! I'm kinda torn I like the premise and a lot of parts throughout but what kept me from really liking it a lot more was Tim Roth. Normally he's awesome but I don't know what he's even trying to go for here. His goofy mugging did not work for me personally, if he started reserved in the beginning and got more antzy and over-the-top as the film went on maybe that could had worked.

Yurica T (us) wrote: kevin bacon is awesome

p b (de) wrote: It's ok to see once. Nothing special but you can always read the news paper at the same time.

Jacob D (de) wrote: Horror-comedies are hard to beat, but they are even harder to actually pull off. This one succeeds in remarkable fashion thanks to a great cast and a script that both uses and makes fun of genre tropes while also having a heart.