The Hellacopters: Goodnight Cleveland

The Hellacopters: Goodnight Cleveland

The Hellacopters "Goodnight Cleveland" is a fly on the wall documentary following the Hellacopters on their 2002 tour of America. Informed by the techniques of cinema verité and direct cinema developed in the 1960's by master documentary filmmakers, the band is allowed the space to do what they do without intrusions of any kind from the filmmaker, allowing for glimpses into the magical and mundane moments of everyday life in a hard working action rock band abroad. The Hellacopters: Goodnight Cleveland is a relaxed and open-handed portrait of a band on the road. Essential viewing for anyone pondering a career in the music business, or anyone merely curious.

The Hellacopters "Goodnight Cleveland" is a fly on the wall documentary following the Hellacopters on their 2002 tour of America. Informed by the techniques of cinema verité and direct ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt F (us) wrote: damn this was a fantastic film. really nicely shot and the action is amazing.

Emma C (de) wrote: Generally not too bad, however not too good either!

Wojciech K (fr) wrote: An intentionally cheesy B-movie that had me laughing nonstop. So bad, it's good.

AD V (ru) wrote: Poor follow up to Ringu. It drops the ball in the first 10 minutes with more inconsistencies and continuity problems than most slasher sequels. Plus it strays so far from the first film that it no longer resembles a Ringu film. Its a spiral alright, straight down.

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Christy P (fr) wrote: Oliver Reed is the best thing in this one, but it's still engaging enough. My problem with it is it's lack of understanding of the Catholic faith. There's a baptism scene where the priests seem hesitant to go through with the ceremony because of the sudden winds and storms that are coming up all of a if it's a warning sign or something. But any real priest would not only never have any second thoughts about a baptism; if he felt there was a demonic force around, he would be all the more insistent on performing the baptism as soon as possible. It's weird how many movies will act as though priests, the very ones who are at the head of dealings with evil spirits, etc., are somehow cowards.

Don N (jp) wrote: I want this movie to be the godfather of my children.

Mark F (de) wrote: While missing some of the charm of the original, this film shows the flaws in each child better and has a better ending. Though the music isn't as memorable than the 1971 film.

Michael S (us) wrote: The cast rescue an otherwise run of the mill screenplay.

John R (gb) wrote: Pretty killer Blaxploitation flick. I own a copy. and I suggest you get one too. Just a suggestion though, it isn't for everyone.