The Herb of the Rat

The Herb of the Rat

The names of the characters are pronouns. She is a teacher, with his father dead just three days ago. Faced with this situation, He intends to take care of her while He is alive. This is the beginning of an odd relationship.

Ele e Ela caminham por um cemitério a beira mar. Os pronomes são seus nomes. Os dois não se conhecem e são os únicos seres vivos no local. Num certo momento, entretanto, ao pisar errado em uma pedra solta no chão, Ela falseia e cai e neste momento é socorrida por Ele. Ela, professora, com o pai morto há apenas três dias, não tem mais ninguém no mundo. Diante de tal situação, Ele se propõe a cuidar d'Ela enquanto for vivo. Esse é o início de uma estranha relação. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ramon V (gb) wrote: Amazing movie. So underappreciated and bold. Ahead of it's time (though it's about the past - financial crash of 2008).

Robert C (au) wrote: A suspenseful, smart, and highly entertaining adaptation of the book.

Orin W (ru) wrote: surprisingly awesome...beginning sucks, but then outta nowhere gets good.

Moujan N (ag) wrote: Some parts were not all

Moe R (ca) wrote: Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I always agree that pointless sex scenes only lower my rating.I was kind of glad when Sam got killed though, how many f-bombs could I hear at once?

Thrse A (ca) wrote: Simply amazing. Makes you look into the heart of human beings and not like what you see... I'm not surprised it's based on actual fact. It really makes you stop and think about wars all around the world and what they are really rooted on. The actors all gave a perfect performance. Kareena Kapoor who always acts silly in movies was an absolutely wonderful surprise. Great movie

Letitia L (de) wrote: Saw it a long time ago but didn't fully grasp it. Rewatched it in October 2015.Thoughts: while the Hollywood version is more polished and higher production value, I like the ending of the HK version better. If you believe a person can change, as opposed to stark black-and-white caricatures, then the original achieves a more nuanced portrait of these complex characters.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Orgazmo's simplicity as an independent film that satirises religion and the pornography industry is obviously oriented to be a cult film, and succeeds hilariously.The fact is that Orgazmo has a most obviously low budget, yet it succeeds due to Trey Parker's Citizen Kate-Style handling of the story, as well as his usual elements of crude humour and satire. And his direction, writing and lead performance are all equally as hilarious because when you examine how ridiculous the plot is, there's literally no better person to work with the material than the South Park mastermind Trey Parker.Of course, he works together with Matt Stone and Dian Bachar well on the feature and so it just becomes a cult favourite with an obviously low budget and plenty of laughs.It's great though, because Trey Parker has created a low budget satire that gives birth to a comic book style superhero with his own theme song and signature weapon, and all on a budget of less than $2 Million, and although its not as awesome as Baseketball, there's still a large amount of laughs to be had at the stupidity and fun in Orgazmo, and it's just a prime example of ambitious cult fun. So Orgazmo is a definite checkout, even though the odds are that the audience will barely stretch beyond teenage boys and Die Hard fans of South Park.

Eric N (br) wrote: good enough. dull at times, fun at others. cool ideas but a bit of a waste of time too. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a Chow fan (liked most/all of his movies you've seen thus far). if so, go for it. i think it helps to watch his stuff in chronological order when possible too.

Simon B (nl) wrote: Really creepy little british thriller.

Jef C (ag) wrote: Paper Towns is a coming of age film. Reviews weren't great, but I adored its message of friendship, its navet, its possibilities, and even its tendency to drudge up old regrets. Sure, it's silly and sophomoric in places, but it's filled with some profound associations. Too many critics (and people in general) don't give the devil his due. Yes, a film can be silly at times and deadly serious at others. In the right hands, it can be virtually anything. Unfortunately, if it's the adaptation of an existing novel, too many people expect it to be "true" (a word used frequently in overly critical reviews) to its original form. True art isn't contrived, forced, bent to fit a form, or torn from a pattern. Even if it emerges from a story that's already been told, it should go where its revised characters or newly explored alternative paths lead. It should reach as far as effectively possible-even if that reach irrevocably changes it.Requisite high school antics were tempered but still believable (although the keg stand looked seriously backward). Many of the lines were quotable. The themes of friendship and discovery, in particular the discovery of what love might really be, ring true through impromptu adventures and the formation of unexpected relationships. The film itself is delightful, striking emotional chords in several places without being melodramatic or maudlin. The incorporation of paper towns was an intriguing concept.

Veronica D (fr) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies ever. I'm sad that it's not more popular.