The Hidden Child

The Hidden Child

Erica's parents are killed in a traffic accident. She moves to Fjällbacka and discovers she has a brother.

THE HIDDEN CHILD based on the bestselling novel by Camilla Läckberg The successful author Erica Falcks parents get killed in a violent car crash... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ZACHO D (kr) wrote: Starting off slow, but eventually rising to a smart, sexy, and thrilling status for the majority, "The Thieves" is essentially Korea's "Ocean's Eleven" but with an added dose of great Asian action, particularly in it's climax. Make it past the first 30 minutes and you will start to really enjoy the film's fun and dynamic characters, it's story full of twists and turns, and it's overall all fun factor which is never lost in translation.

Christopher B (au) wrote: This was a decent thriller. Dry at parts, but definitely watchable.

Brian K (it) wrote: Very quirky intelligent film. Enough stories to make 100 Hollywood films. Well, maybe 10 or so.

Anthony B (it) wrote: The fucking thing ends on a cliffhanger...and I can't wait for the next one.

Andi B (fr) wrote: Extremely insightful and terrifying.

Jon D (es) wrote: Bad, bad, bad movie. A stinker from start to finish. A slower than a 'zombie with no legs' pace, a script with all the intelligence of a pigeon with dementia, a plot as daft as and nonsensical as Morris dancing in the deep ocean. What sets this movie apart from others is the unbelievable behavior of the characters, who, faced with memory loss and finding themselves in London with no population (except the 7 of them) decide to threaten each other with guns and knives. Why? They only make one plan - to leave London - yet only manage to walk very very slowly around in circles, there are cars around but they fail to grasp the fact that they could just get in a vehicle and simply drive away. Instead, they have endless flashbacks and fail to tell each other what their flashbacks are about! In fact they fail to take any sane course of action for the entire movie, preferring it seems to argue and dither. Even when they suspect something may be stalking them, they don't even arm themselves, they do have a machine gun and a knife at one point, but the man with the gun demands the knife is discarded, why? And when of of this stupid band of clueless nitwits is abducted and they take refuge in a diner with a kitchen full of knives, not one of the imbeciles has the wit to say, 'Hey look, a knife rack, lets arm ourselves'. Please stop making movies Danny Dyer.

Robert I (nl) wrote: An exercise in excruciating pain. The most vile, unfunny humor ever put on film. I now believe Uwe Boll and Osama Bin Laden are in cahoots. C'mon, Uwe Boll plays himself!

Brett B (kr) wrote: Interesting mix of east and west styles with the inner city version of an assassin/samurai story line. Good soundtrack as well. Interesting and quirky overall and an interesting character that is a different direction from most of Whitaker's characters.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Despite being full of plot points that feel familiar and clich, the biting satire and fun performances of EDtv make for a mostly entertaining time.

Kristina L S (gb) wrote: I am the only person who liked this movie...

Daniel Y (ca) wrote: Men in Black is an amazing blockbuster thanks to a smart script amazing sets, puppetry, great CGI, and performances which makes this a movie that is hard to hate or dislike in that matter.

Mike V (ru) wrote: Walt Disney was ahead of his time in may ways when he produced these animations set to music. While the narration scenes are awkward, there are some beautiful and memorable moments here, especially Mickey's the Sorcerer's Apprentice. You will be swept away to another world. 1001

WS W (au) wrote: Not bad for a French treasure-hunting thriller. Romain Duris is refined enough for Arsene Lupin. Kristen Scott Thomas is mysteriously charming & even Eva Green is much better off than what she had done in all her English spoken movies. Pascal Greggory is of course good, as ever.

Greg W (nl) wrote: well crafted jazz pic

John B (gb) wrote: A film that plays on lingering patriotism after the war. It is considered to be one of the best John Wayne although it is a very straight forward effort with no nuance.

bill s (ca) wrote: Talented cast......wasted but talented cast.

Anthony T (mx) wrote: Such an enjoyable piece of work. One of the better B films out there. Highly recommended for movie lovers.