The Highway

The Highway

Six young men from the city take jobs on a road crew, building a highway of strategic importance to the Chinese Army. The story relates the men's interactions with each other, the local ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa R (jp) wrote: This film won the audience award at Sundance last year and I can see why. An excellent soundtrack and some beautiful cinematography combine to create an incredibly atmospheric, sexy and creepy film. The performances from the two unknown leads were very good as they displayed a perfect balance of charisma and innocence to carry the film. Set in Iran, it tells the story of two 16 year old best friends as they struggle to come to terms to life in Iran and their developing sexuality. Filmed in Lebanon under the guise of a different plot, since it's release the film and it's writer/director (NYU graduate Maryam Keshavarz) have been banned from Iran. Maryam Keshavarz is clearly a filmmaker to watch.

(gb) wrote: This movie destroyed the world Christopher Paolini worked so hard to create. Hope someone will remake this shit.

Vince S (fr) wrote: THis was another movie I watched, and I thought where in the hell was the story going.

Leslie C (ag) wrote: I believe I have seen this many moons But this something I can watch over and over..

Jack H (au) wrote: My God, how do you go from First Contact, to this? It's dull, boring, forgettable, and worst of all: it completely shits on the entire philosophy of Star Trek. This definitely the worst of the franchise. I'd watch Star Trek V over this any day. And my last gripe, what the hell happened to that blue man?

Scarlet A (br) wrote: I keep wanting to watch it again and again. That's a sign of a good one to me.

Seb M (us) wrote: crossed between terminator & robocop with martial arts thrown in this film is seriously shit,maybe that makes it watchable,hard 2 belive they made sequal.

James M (gb) wrote: A better than average comedy in the Capra-esque vein.

Rita H (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all times.... partly because of the major crush I've had on Steve McQueen since I was about 7, but also because this is one of the first movies to deal with abortion. I love the ending too.

Miguel A (mx) wrote: Bastaria a Burt Lancaster o papel que tem neste filme para que uma parte da histria do cinema fosse sua, mas "Elmer Gantry" sabe perfeitamente quando e como investir toda a energia que emana do seu principal actor. por isso, e por toda uma quantidade infindvel de dilogos de ritmo e acutilncia impressionantes, que est aqui um clssico totalmente esclarecido e sofisticado na forma como questiona a legitimidade de quem prega a palavra de Deus. E quanto mais "Elmer Gantry" aperta o seu cerco, mais intenso vai ficando at chegar a um clmax que s existe nos grandes filmes.

ole bjrn l (nl) wrote: we all need a John Doe in evry city!who does it like him

Allie T (gb) wrote: Haunting. This film, even as an old classic, can still give goosebumps to a new watcher.

Jason J (nl) wrote: Totally different territory for Eastwood in this very slow and sordidly, dark thriller. It's maybe nothing new (and been repeated quite a bit) in its genre but because of first-rate performances and it being sinisterly edgy it lifts the movie above the rest. Or maybe it's just my Eastwood fan-boy nature kicking in? Anyhow, this lowlife thriller is high on atmosphere, with it having an overwhelming sense of gloom and intrusion. This is because most of the picture takes place during the nightlife, amongst the sleazy locations of New Orleans with indistinct lighting and prowling figures hanging around in the shadows. There's a great eye for detail in capturing the seedy lifestyle, with a lot of sexual desire, tension and gratuitous nudity flowing.The cast are at the top of their game. Eastwood plays a laid back detective and a father. He brings to his character a man that's fighting the two different traits of his life. He portrays this insecure character superbly that you truly care for him and feel his pain and effort to be a perfect father figure to his two girls after the divorce. Genevieve Bujold is excellent as a crisis counsellor Beryl Thibodeaux. There are strong support roles from the likes of Dan Hedaya, Alison Eastwood and Jenny Beck also. This movie starts off good enough, but you could say it probably does goes on for too long and head into familiar territory. It doesn't reach any great heights, but I kept on watching and I was rather entertained. So, it did its job. In my opinion it's an above average, on the edge thriller, despite it's formulaic plot.