The Hike

The Hike

A young soldier, Kate (Zara Phythian), returns from a tour in Afghanistan after witnessing her boyfriend's tragic death in combat. With the comfort of her friends, including Torri (Barbara Nedeljacova), she takes the chance to get away on a camping trip to a picturesque, remote area of the British countryside. Wanting to escape their past, the girls begin their expedition into the woods for a peaceful break. As they near Sunset Point, they come across a strange and evasive group of locals who seem to be living off the land. During their journey they also have a friendly encounter with three charming, rock-climbing adventurers, led by Ethan (Ben Loyd Holmes). After the girls find themselves secluded again, Charlie (Jemma Bolt) goes suddenly goes missing, leaving the girls vulnerable in the dangerous woods. As darkness falls, the girls will be forced to rely on each other and their newly formed friendships to find Charlie before it becomes the last hike of their lives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   fight,   torture,  

A young soldier, Kate (Zara Phythian), returns from a tour in Afghanistan after witnessing her boyfriend's tragic death in combat. With the comfort of her friends, including Torri (Barbara ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott Don J (br) wrote: not a bad British film this one..good cast good story shame it's about football but don't let that put you off it tells a good story about never forget your past and the people in your past...worth a watch..

Lilia A (br) wrote: The only reason I finished this movie is because I wanted it to redeem itself. And it did...a little. For starters, the acting in this movie is phenomenal. The only character whose acting was questionable was Krystal, but she only had a few lines.The biggest redemption was the ending. This movie did what Paper Towns did, take a frustrating, unsatisfying book ending and make it conclusive and satisfying.Whilst the movie did a wonderful job at adapting the book, I still did not enjoy the story. To be fair, it is the fault of the book and not the fault of the movie, but it still made the movie unenjoyable. In the end, while I did not enjoy the story, I do respect the movie's adaption of the book, and the acting of the characters. Very well done.

Meghan W (nl) wrote: This film is a must see!

Nick L (it) wrote: If the movie was dubbed over, i would be able to watch it more than read it. From watching what i could, it has the same time period and effects of an excellent Indiana Jones movie. If they took this movie and put Indiana Jones in it, this would have made a better sequel than the kingdom of the crystal skull crap.

Michelle S (ca) wrote: not very good but it was kind of enjoyable. plus jonathan tucker :)

Jake B (de) wrote: This movie is amazing

Jenny B (jp) wrote: This is a great ass movie.

Kim M (br) wrote: I don't like a sentimental approach to poverty (oh, those poor people! Let us help them), but my heart just melted about for the 13 year old substitute teacher trying to help her 10 year old student. I cried like hell.

Andrey B (ca) wrote: This now legendary movie demonstates the possibilities of cinema at the end of the XX century.

Richard Y (ru) wrote: Bette Midler is simply outrageous... as usual... mouthing witty lines in this romantic farce which features a surprisingly young "Mike Delfino" of "Desperate Housewives". Uplifting all the way, a great film for a stormy Monday afternoon.

Jonathan S (fr) wrote: I just love Chris Elliot. Everything he does makes me laugh. This movie is the kind of insane, absurd movie that I love to watch over and over again. The only thing that I don't like about it is that no one I know, besides me, seems to get it, so knowing all of the quotes only entertains myself.

Michael C (jp) wrote: The best concert film ever made. While I enjoy other classics of this unique genre ("The Last Waltz" is another gem of the this category), "Stop Making Sense" captures perfectly the artistic sensibilities that made this quirky, brilliant band such a hit on the live scene. Jonathan Demme's terrific direction blended with David Byrne's wild take on how to conceptualize the entire show makes for an engaging viewing experience all the way through. This is a band that took the visual aesthetic seriously, not letting it mask the music but serve as an extension of it. Lacking annoying MTV style quick cuts and using really cool lighting techniques to keep the group front and center. This isn't just a great representation of a band at the top of their game, but one of the best examples of how music can be even more potent with a truly artistic visual aid.

Greg W (ru) wrote: well crafted thriller that was remade with denzel washington this is one pic that i like both versions

Matthew J (au) wrote: A smart, powerful and politically important movie "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion" remains entertaining despite it's heavy message. Elio Petri runs the show with strong visuals and a fantastic performance by Gian Maria Volonte.

Ben C (de) wrote: Boring and some what campy.