The Hills Have Eyes Part II

The Hills Have Eyes Part II

A group of young and wild motocross racers venture through the desert and are stranded at an old mining ranch. They soon realize that they are being watched by a group of savage cannibals unknown to the civilized world. The film is full of flashbacks to the original film; even the dog has a flashback.

A group of bikers, which includes some of the survivors from the original film, embark on a journey by bus to a biker race near the desert of the infamous incidents. However, because of a mistake they are late and decide to take a shortcut through the desert. Halfway through the desert the bus breaks down. While trying to repair the bus, some of the group wander off, and wind up in the traps of the survivors of the mutant family of the first. Then the mutants go after the rest... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Hills Have Eyes Part II torrent reviews

Kevin P (gb) wrote: I loved it! The film played out like a noir thriller should, and with Bousman flavor!

Lenard K (gb) wrote: Teenage Korean immigrant feels alienated from everything around her except for a boy she becomes increasingly attached to. At times it can be emotionally hard to watch, but this movie works both as a cross-cultural and a growing up story.

Hugo G (us) wrote: I liked the style and the feel of the movie in general, but it was carry slow and the tension didn't add up as I expected it to be. However, I did like the acting from George Babluani. Moreover, it had a very nostalgic feeling and it's ending was very unfortunate but unavoidable.

Andrew G (ag) wrote: Disgustingly bad, so bad it takes bad to a whole new level, then doubles it.

Joao De B (es) wrote: Nao sendo o melhor de Jackie Chan, foi o filme que fez dele uma estrela no mundo ocidental!

Cameron W (de) wrote: On Golden Pond is a beautiful film that I dont think anyone can resist being emotionally attached to. It's not the greatest film ever made, and it doesn't feel very original, but it is without a doubt perfectly executed, marvelously acted, gorgeously photographed. Every frame stirs up a certain kind of emotion, and it isn't trite melodramatic emotions; it strikes deep and complex emotions, emotions that we all can relate to, it just may take more searching to find that connection. And many say that Fonda didnt deserve best actor for this performance, but I have seen many of his films and this is his most complete and heart-touching performance.

Arseniy V (au) wrote: The film's few inherent prejudices/limitations, seem rather slight when compared to the many, rather sophisticated shades of grey that it manages to paint within its lighthearted exterior.

Bilal S (br) wrote: quick story line, paced very well.

Wade H (kr) wrote: What an exellent parody of Italian Gialo films!WARNING: Nude Girls, viloence, gory vilolence, sex scenes, and cigarettes!I GIVE IT 90%! oh! And by the way it's CANADIAN!