The Himalayan

The Himalayan

The Tseng family is one of the most noble and respected clans in a small village in Tibet. The patriarch of the Tseng family wants to marry off his daughter Ching Lan into the Kao clan. However, the cunning and deceitful eldest brother Kao Chu only wants his younger sibling Kao I-Fan to marry Lan so he can gain access to the Tseng family's considerable wealth and power.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   hero,   duel,  

The Tseng family is one of the most noble and respected clans in a small village in Tibet. The patriarch of the Tseng family wants to marry off his daughter Ching Lan into the Kao clan. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry W (ca) wrote: I'll watch any film directed by Clint Eastwood, and one starring Leonardo DiCaprio sounded like a talented collaboration between actor and director.Biopics are traditionally very conventional in formula, but J. Edgar is not. It is in fact so divorced from biopic formula that it attempts to be a legitimate narrative of other sorts, and that is a key problem. In attempting to balance the film's focus on its titular character and the history that he made, there is no balance between building plot and characters. J. Edgar ultimately resorts more to focusing on the story itself, but even then it fails to grasp what it seems to be talking about. The actual exploration of the titular character goes as far as touching upon the notion of his supposed homosexuality and his relationship with his mother while failing to delve into his psychology surrounding either.From the moment the film begins until it ends, the entire experience is confusing because viewers are given minimal context before being thrown into a narrative about war between communism and democracy among other things. Attempting to figure out what was going on proved to be a real challenge because there are so many characters talking without the film conveying a fair understanding of just what they're actually talking about. This isn't helped by the constant jumps through time between past and present which jars the viewer with a poor plot structure. This seems to be for the sake of drawing parallels between the past and present of J. 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I have no complaints in the makeup department aside from the notion that perhaps some other actors could have used more of it to capture the appearance of their characters.So as it has been established that the film offers little in a sense of style and the narrative doesn't make any sense, what does that leave J. Edgar with that is actually any good? A leading performance from Leonardo DiCaprio.Predictably, Leonardo DiCaprio remains a powerhouse actor even in the face of such incoherent material around him which proves to at least make J. Edgar Hoover an interesting character on some level. He is so embalmed in the role inside and out that he is easily able to oscillate between the relentless determination of the man as the head of the FBI and the frail nature of him as a human being. Honestly, you could expect nothing less from him. You might when considering the quality of the material around him, but the fact that he transcends it with such ease is a reminder of just how talented the actor is. Leonardo DiCaprio easily conveys to audiences a belief that he is really in the world of the narrative by capturing the movements and manner of speaking that comes from any person living in the early age of the FBI without neglecting the specific style of the man he is capturing. What I learned from J. Edgar is that the man is a really difficult concept for the entire world to grasp, and so it is all the more impressive that Leonardo DiCaprio does such an effective job in capturing an impression of the man. Leonardo DiCario is a lone bright spot in the poorly lit J. Edgar, and the reminder of charisma justifies the viewing experience.Armie Hammer also does a good job. Although the character of Clyde Tolson is reduced to being little more than the object of J. Edgard Hoover's affections in J. Edgar, it is during these scenes that the man hits the endeavour of his performance because he shows just how well he can intensify himself for a powerful chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio. The two are a powerful duo, and even in the other scenes of the film he proves capable of maintaining a sophisticated edge in his manner of speaking and walking. Armie Hammer proves once again that he is a talented actor in a character-oriented drama.The supporting efforts of Judi Dench and Naomi Watts are also a nice touch.Jeffrey Donovan is of poor form in J. Edgar. As much as I liked Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice and in his prior collaboration with Clint Eastwood on Changeling (2008), in the role of a man as high-profile as Robert F. Kennedy, the lack of makeup on the actor and the slight change of voice tone does nothing to effectively convey the man that Robert F. Kennedy was or separate Jeffrey Donovan from his standard persona in countless roles. 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Dan S (ru) wrote: An arresting, incredibly well constructed documentary on the life of Ayrton Senna, a Formula One race car driver during the 80's and early 90's whose dominance of the sport is largely unknown by the common sports fan. Senna is such a lovable person and you can see why his home country of Brazil rallied around him and treated him like a god, because of his humble nature and intense spiritual belief in God that made him such a riveting public figure. If you know his story already, you know it has a tragic ending attached to it, and the way this is handled is extremely moving and heartbreaking. Quite simply, this is not just a fantastic documentary, but also one of the greatest sports movies ever made.

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Erin W (us) wrote: As someone who is a Christopher Reeves fan and loved him as Superman, I think this movie is a great breath of fresh air for the, at the time, young actor. Jane Seymour was beautiful and expressive as our romantic heroine, and the film is superbly shot. Really, I don't understand why so many people hate on this film. This is a well written, well done movie. This is meant to be a sweet, romantic movie. This is meant to envoke strong feeling, and it does. It is better than a lot of other "romantic" tripe out there today ("If I stay" and "Endless Love" [both versions] are great example of bad romantic movies). If you are looking for a good, classic romantic movie to watch as you cuddle with your honey, this is it. Sincere acting and a beautiful period set rule the day!

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