The Hired Gun

The Hired Gun

A hardcore former mercenary in Africa is commissioned by a neo-Nazi organization to bring secret documents from WW2, hidden at an American military base.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
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The Hired Gun torrent reviews

Sean D (us) wrote: Super boring. Super cheesy. Super shit. I didn't care for this film at all and the plot which is told in a 5 minute story is terrible and dumb. Pass.

Imani J (fr) wrote: off the charts. smoother than training day

Chiek E (ca) wrote: Disturbing but believable story. The average Chinese is obsessed with migrating to the US thinking that it is paved with gold. When the beautiful dream of success in the US turned to dust, so did his inability to face defeat and dishonor to his parents in China that pushed him to a massacre the people he hated or was jealous of. Sad but true story of the moral bankruptcy of modern Chinese where fame and fortune is paramount to happiness in in life.

Eric H (es) wrote: I like slow paced films about an alienated character, but there just wasn't enough backstory to sink your teeth in until the last 5 minutes it's crammed down our throats all at once. It's either far too thin or my expectations began too high after "Buffalo '66"

Mari s (jp) wrote: Lesbian films are amazing! I love it when they have boobies!

Shaimaa D (kr) wrote: Methinks 'tis ok :)but Tennat's performance is somehow hysterical, clearly in the soliloquies

M G L (ru) wrote: it felt weird watching this movie with christopher reeve not turning into superman..its an alright movie...definitely not one of my favorites

Rogerinho S (gb) wrote: An epic retelling of an historic event. Some of the fighting scenes were excellent, despite the inherent difficulty in trying to portray a battle in the air.

Peter W (nl) wrote: Poor acting and a cheesy, predictable script left this film flacid. I guess it was hard to get much past the censorship laws back then, but this was less of a "classic horror thriller" and more of a crass bore.

Anthony V (de) wrote: Nice comedic moments with the comedy team.

bill s (de) wrote: A decent B grade zombie flick......the script,story and lead acting isn't half bad....but even at 85mins. it seems a tad long.

Grant H (fr) wrote: Good movie. While the jokes are pretty hit-and-miss, it's still a very funny, fairly clever and well-voiced film, with great animation.