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The History of Mr. Polly

Quiet and somewhat direction-less, Alfred Polly uses the money he inherits from his father to marry and to set up shop in a small town. His heart is in neither of these enterprises and he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Rodrigo T (ag) wrote: Bonito, engraado e inteligente. Radu Mihaileanu conseguiu fazer um filme leve sobre o holocausto, mas que toca fundo na alma.

bob t (us) wrote: Pretty cute movie that's clean enough for the kids and funny enough to be mildly entertaining to the rest of us in the room!Give it a shot, your kids and wife will thank you.

Scott M (us) wrote: Kevin Bacon is one of the most under-rated actors. Why he doesn't have awards for his acting is crazy. He carries this movie with his talent. Very fun movie.

Tyler A (es) wrote: sum really bad acted moments, and almost unbearable to watch stupid decisions made by main characters. like the idea behind the story, and there was some scary moments just Couldnt get over how stupid everyone was and why buddy went so crazy when they killed off his chat buddy Bryan guess it was his boyfriend. ending leaves it open for a sequel either that or everyone ends up dead as all the infected people rise up again after there heads exploded

Michael O (de) wrote: A great movie that reminds me of the days when direct to video didn't mean your getting a complete piece of shit. I recommend it if you can find a good copy.

Ricky C (nl) wrote: Good story, great quotes, an impressive performance by Richard Gere...

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