The Hit

The Hit

Ex-gangster Willie Parker has betrayed his former "colleagues" and now lives in Spain where he thinks he can hide from their vengeance...

Ten years ago, ex-gangster Willie Parker has betrayed his former boss and moved to live in Spain, thinking that he can hide from the revenge. But one day, two hit-men appears and kidnap him, escorting him back to Paris. Now Willie has no way but to find his chance to escape in the long way, before receiving the ruthless vengeance at Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mariola F (ca) wrote: Brilliant story and I love vampires ,am really enjoyed

WS W (ca) wrote: Another typical typical slasher.

James O (ag) wrote: What, in my mind, made this story so fascinating was its symbolism. The film, in short, symbolizes the white man's treatment of the Native Americans. This is something I feel some viewers, unfortunately, miss. If you view the film in that context, it becomes much more powerful.

Ashley H (de) wrote: Worth Winning is a decent film. It is about a self-centered womanizer who makes a wager that he will be able to propose to three women in a three month time and have each one accept. Mark Harmon and Lesley Ann Warren give good performances. The screenplay is enjoyable but a little slow in places. Will Mackenzie did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the humor and romance.

Joel R (br) wrote: The first 15 minutes is remarkably candid and raw for a film from the ultra conservative era. However, it starts to turn into one of those glossy era love stories with bad music. But the beginning and other similar moments are rather good.

Peter M (fr) wrote: a round of applause for the special effects and the way in which they tried to get an authentic 50's sci fi feel, a good movie i feel could have been alot better.

Lori B (fr) wrote: The movies of Yasujiro Ozu are not for everyone. His films tend to center on the small dramas of families, and he routinely sacrifices "traditional" rules of film for the sake of his special brand of artistic composition. Floating Weeds is one of his few color movies, a remake of an earlier black and white movie. The colors are vibrant, and the switch to color makes his oft used frame within a frame technique more obvious and beautiful.

JOHN C (it) wrote: haha this movie was pretty funny. def worth a watch

Betsy H (ca) wrote: The characters were surprisingly interesting, and the dialogue was surprisingly good. And there was no direct-to-video sex!

Alan P (us) wrote: A great dystopian anime that is one of those rare sequels that are much better than the original.